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Divinity: Original Sin was good and now Wasteland 2 is around the corner which should be excellent. I tried the early access of Invisble Inc. which is promising to be a really interesting TBS tactics game I can recommend.
I am also highly interested in D:OS and WL2, but they're too expensive for my budget at the moment; maybe when they reach half-price (in a year or so?). Invisible Inc. also looks pretty cool, just not into stealth so much...

In my "buffer" there's currently Transistor (and XCOM...), while I am also waiting on two more games: Apotheon (a platformer/RPG coming out "SoonTM") and Hyper Light Drifter (a top-view action-RPG; I bought into its closed-beta, also "SoonTM", via their HB widget). I might have mentioned those two in the past, maybe in this same thread