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Thread: Factions classes compared to chess

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    Factions classes compared to chess

    I have seen lot of players comparing Factions to chess. What classes would you compare to pieces in chess? And why?

    For me it is:

    pawn - raidmaster - used in great numbers, very often first to move
    knight - backbiter - great mobility, usable for some sneaky tactics
    bishop - thrasher - also great mobility, always a threat
    rook - warhawk - can deal lot of damage, deadly when left unattended
    queen - bowmaster - covers lot of ground with BoP, can deal huge damage with Puncture
    king - warleader - commands other units on battlefield

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    My lineup

    Pawn: Raiders, there is one in every army, they start near the front and often don't last all that long, but if you leave one unattended to the late game you're going to regret it.

    Knight: Sky striker, can threaten in such as way as she cant be threatened back

    Bishop: Archers in general, can attack on the diagonals, deadly at range, and terrifying in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing with them

    Rook: Backbiter, runs in long straight lines

    Queen: Warhawk, everyone is afraid of the power and they tend to hang back till the mid-game

    King: Shield master, doesn't move very fast but boy can he hit hard, also tends to last to the end game

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    I would second Warhawk as Queen- a very high value piece but fatal to use to early and lose.

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    About the King: Kuba's suggestion of the Warleader seems the more natural choice due to his ability and his stat-versatility. However, his generally high mobility might mean make the scales tip towards Evil's suggestion of the Shieldmaster: he doesn't move a lot, but can hit armor and strength hard.

    Actually, the most vital aspect that makes a chess-King is "he dies, you lose". In this respect, and with the metagame favoring archers at the moment, I'd be obliged to suggest the Bowmaster as a king! Nah, it does sound weird! Let me get back to that Warleader

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