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    Sme for Penny Arcade's Precipice of Darkness which only got 2 episodes and not the 2/3 following games.

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    Episode three of the PoD is all written/plotted out and will be coming out.

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    I'm totally okay with a high quality 8-10 hour game. I've grown so tired of games that are bloated and stuffed with fluff just to add more hours to gameplay. I prefer a game to be focused on playing once (regular story based game) or focused on replaying (e.g. Binding of Issac)

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    That's the reason why I join this adventure, I'm tired of game where you have to quit the main story line (often when someone tell you to join quickly an other person in an other city) to kill some monster, explore, make money for stuff, secondary quest for XP, and then, you go to the next city where nothing in the main story have change. That's boring, and you lose all your involvement into the story for repetitive "gameplay". I largely prefer game with a large replayability. When each time, it can be a different story.

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    Great thread and really nice to hear all your thoughts on the subject.
    We will not be 'padding' the game with any "grinding for loot/xp". Game time will all be directed towards your story and the combat that goes with it.
    We're not currently talking much about the system Alex has designed for the story, but I think most everyone will find it refreshing and different/unique to what you've played before in RPG's. We've been working on the story for months now, not just roughing in ideas, but actual properly written stuff that just needs to be plugged into the system we'll be finishing after Factions ships. Factions is focused on the combat that we will be employing for the Saga, but we're also nailing down the travel mode tools for the Saga and you can see them at play in the parallaxing city of Strand. We're already working on the AI needed for the Saga but you'll see it dropped into Factions first when it's ready. As you can tell we've got a ton of moving parts going in tandem right now, but all aimed at ultimately at the Saga.
    A small note: My personal favorite games are always PVP oriented and competitive in nature, so I am seriously looking forward to Factions and I hope it continues to grow into something we can support for years to come. Can't wait to face some of you in Beta!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
    Can't wait to face some of you in Beta!
    Me too!

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