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Thread: [BUG?] Battering Ram and stone walled Raid Master

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    [BUG?] Battering Ram and stone walled Raid Master

    Hi, I just used Battering Ram lvl 3 on a stone walled RM. He got 5 armor break. I expected it to be only 2. Is this a bug or is my assumption wrong?

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    It's not wrong, 5-3=2. An ally or enemy RM?

    There's weird things going on with SW. Yesterday, in a QM, I am 99% sure I SW'd my RM, even saw the shield-glittering animation; then, a couple of turns later, he got a normal hit and then I saw that the "SW icon" wasn't lit on top of his portrait... Perhaps it was just my eyes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleonymous View Post
    It's not wrong, 5-3=2. An ally or enemy RM?
    Enemy. So it was to my advantage but still wrong...

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    never experienced it first hand, but I heard multiple accounts of stonewall not working properly - I think since 1.8 . It's infrequent though as far as I can tell. Video evidence / logs would be a nice thing to have...

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    Indeed, there's another thread in the bug forum where both players saw the Stonewall status remove itself from the raider for no reason.

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    Just tried it a second time (BR against SW) and it seems to be reproducible. (So I guess this means it is half way fixed... )

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    Probably only happens from an enemy BR, as I've been running a 3 RM + 2 StA build off and on for awhile and battering the hell out of my own guys and have not seen the bug happen.

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