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    Thanks for name dropping King of Dragon Pass. I bought it and am seriously hooked. If The Banner Saga story line is anything like this it might be my favorite game of all time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
    There are varying degrees of "good" to "bad" endings here, but I think of TBS: Ch 1 as a novel where it's all just part of the story.
    That being said it's hard to coach players into this mindset as it's certainly not the way games are played.
    I always wanted games that force me to do this, but on the other hand I feel there are some psychological or game-design difficulties:

    1) First, I often mis-read dialog options. Tone is hard to get perfect. I might think I'm making a snide joke, when really I'm choosing the option to shoot a guy in the head. (Or visa versa.) I might think I'm being polite to a female character, when in reality I'm choosing to have sex with her. (Or visa versa.) A lot of times I re-load not because of the results of what I said, so much as because I thought I was saying X while my character said Y.

    2) Also, there are some times where my ineptitude just doesn't go with my vision for a character. I (to my shame) replayed the beginning of Deus Ex: Human Revolution so I could save hostages, because my mental image of the hero was of someone that proficient. Maybe this is where I still need to train myself to like more open-ended game narratives, like Heavy Rain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfeldkamp View Post
    Thanks for name dropping King of Dragon Pass. I bought it and am seriously hooked. If The Banner Saga story line is anything like this it might be my favorite game of all time.
    True, I like King of Dragon Pass as well. The resource management aspect is nice. Too bad that this isn't really part of TBS as well. Maybe it's possible to include this for chapter 2 or some other game in the future? It would add to the impression of a survival game. Keeping your people alive and safe...

    However, I wouldn't know how to find a way that is compatible with the game mechanics.

    Good job so far! I just wonder what "later this year means". Days? Months? In the worst case it's being sold for Christmas. That's still soooo far away.

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    Great update guys, while the consumer in me is yelling "GIVE ME THE GAME WHERE IS THE GAME" I'm glad that this (along with other kickstarters) are bringing the development to the attention of normal consumers, showing how hectic and unpredictable it can be as well as just how much time, money, and skill it takes to get your vision to the market. Godspeed Stoic!
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    Thanks for the update.

    Regarding Kickstarter and others, crowdfunding of video games is a relatively new phenomenon, so it's understandable that people have perhaps unrealistic expectations. And when a big crowdfunded project turns out to be a failure (it will happen, sooner or later), the shitstorm that follows will reach astronomical proportions. But that's also understandable. People are passionate about video games. Without that passion, there would be no crowdfunding for any project.

    I'm sure the balance will be found eventually.

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