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    How-To Guide: Min-Max Your Unit's Stats

    How-To Guide: Min-Max Your Unit's Stats

    This is a beginner's guide on how you should generally be statting your units, some reasoning behind it and which you should choose for your team composition. These are more guidelines and goalposts, so change according to your playstyle. If you're an experienced player, this is not meant for you sorry :P I'll be using abbreviations so look them up here if you're not familiar with the terminology: Skip the overview if you want to get straight down to numbers!

    Overview of Stats

    Armor: Used to mitigate damage. Usually targetted first before strength (exception generally being archers). Think of it simplified to this: Doing -4 Armor on a target, will do +4 Str damage on every subsequent str hit to it. The magic numbers are 7 and 12. Why? The most common break is 5 (BM,SA,SM) and 4 (RM,SS,BB), resulting in 7-8 leftover armor. Anything lower would give extra damage to archers and be easy targets to pick off. Is it wise to build your team around a single unit? While you may not see a BB or TH in every setup, you'll always see an armor breaking archer.

    Strength: Your Health and Damage, arguably the most important stat in the game. While its a good idea to increase str to that unit's max value, a lot of units (RM, SBs) use armor as a cushion instead.

    The stat you want to minimize efficiently. You don't want a unit to die with extra WP, nor do you want to have living units with no WP. Should also consider the horn - balance the amount of units that can rely on their own WP pool and units that usually use horn for extra WP (archers, TH)

    Exertion: Another stat you want to minimize efficiently, as it is also a waste to go too high. Recommend minimum 2 on Warriors (to get first hit and ensure your warrior isn't outranged by their warrior).

    Break: Bring down enemy's armor, so your damage dealers can maximize their str damage. Because of this order, breakers (RM,SM) are usually earlier in your team's lineup, while the damage dealers are usually last. The exception to this rule is archers, who deal high AB, but then translate that armor break into high puncture str damage, so they can be put anywhere in the order.

    MIN-MAXING Attributes:

    [A] Archers

    [1] BowMaster
    (Damage Dealer, Breaker)
    -Break at distance, the longer the game goes on the stronger they get.

    Common Builds: Armor/Str/WP/Exertion/AB
    -Higher break leading to Early-Mid game Puncture damage
    -common practice to leave at 7armor, since at 8/9armor enemy archers still do 1 dmg relatively safe
    -Lower EX for more WP, for Mid-Late game team comp that draws out game
    -Better for archer vs archer standoffs lategame

    -Break should always be at 2, Str should always be maxed on BM, high ex without sustainable WP

    [2] Siege Archer (Damage Dealer, Breaker)
    -Like BM, but less damage potential (7str) trade off for being unmaimable (use ability if low str)

    Common Builds: Armor/Str/WP/Exertion/AB
    -Like BM but unmaimable, sometimes safer to do 2BM+SA than 3BM
    -Better for longevity/late game teamp comp
    -Better vs other archers, gets into range to maim them while ppl may hesitate to maim back for 80%/90%


    -'suicidal archer',popularized by OJM, combine with WL to deal 5AB three times or sacrificed to gain turn advantage

    -Use r2 ability primarily, Combine with SRM and push enemy varl onto multiple coals
    -can do up to +3str dmg on contact, then additional +3str dmg when its the varl's turn
    -good for high armor/low str varls, completely bypasses armor to kill

    [3] SkyStriker (Damage Dealer, Breaker)
    -Lower AB for more crowd/map control, very circumstantial but can block or allow for some game-changing moves.
    -Best used at r2 or r3 in combination with PK or SRM

    Common Builds: Armor/Str/WP/Exertion/AB
    -Standard spec, high WP for RoA early game and AB when gap is closed
    -No break, in favor of higher damage potential, reliant on AB-heavy team comp

    -Used in what I call the "Rain of Malice" combo, Place r3 arrow, use PK to move target onto it.
    -Even better to use 2 SS and place two r3 arrows on same tile
    -AP's build, A more diverse SS that isnt as reliant on Malice combo

    [B.] Raiders

    [1] Raidmaster (Breaker, DD)
    -Safe advance, support own unit wall protecting your archers or flank to maim enemy archers

    Common Builds: Armor/Str/WP/Exertion/AB
    -Standard breaker, high survivability to continue to break as long as possible
    -Higher break for less survivability, requires good positioning and shieldwall procs
    -Anti-archer unit, continue to stonewall and advance till you reach enemy archers
    -good in combination with SRM for push through enemy varl wall

    -very good breaker

    [2] Thrasher
    (DD, Hybrid)
    -Deal str damage early game, transitions to flail mid-game, still good vs archers, unmaimable

    Common Builds: Armor/Str/WP/Exertion/AB
    -good for early game and first hits on warrior
    -1WP can do 3AB or flail for 3-4 stat dmg, but this is better vs SBs who are anti-flail

    -AP's TH build, very intimidating and can threaten from long distances

    [3] Backbiter
    (DD, Hybrid)
    -Anti-archer but requires good positioning and sometimes enemy mistakes
    very good at r3. more of a jack-of-all-trades but doesnt excel at anything

    Common Builds: Armor/Str/WP/Exertion/AB
    -acts like raidmaster breaker, but trades safe advance for potential runthroughs
    -Wait for opening, one way trip to shoot at archers, when maimed do AB instead

    -good all-around, can limit enemy archer movement greatly

    [C] Shieldbangers

    [1] Shieldmaster (Meatshield, Breaker)
    -Break, survive as long as possible, try to make attacks less desirable under RtF

    Common Builds: Armor/Str/WP/Exertion/AB

    -used as pseudo-warrior, use RtF when expecting incoming damage
    -truthfully not as effective, but will always catch ppl offguard expecting a breaker

    [2] Strongarm (Meatshield, Hybrid, DD)
    -Either used as crowd-control/breaker or pseudo-warrior

    Common Builds: Armor/Str/WP/Exertion/AB
    -Used like a warrior, with less movement range, requires good positioning/shuffling
    -Used as meatshield

    [3] Provoker (Meatshield, Breaker)
    -Best used as crowdcontrol/meatshield, good combo with SS
    -Instead of doing -4AB to you, prevents enemy breaker from doing -4AB to you (by provoking)
    -if wanting 3AB, I'd reason that SM is a better choice but Malice does provide more options
    -AP's build for PK if you'd like a more diverse multi-role PK

    [D] Warriors

    [1] Warhawk
    (Damage Dealer)
    -Get in deep and twirl baby twirl.

    Common Builds: Armor/Str/WP/Exertion/AB
    -2ex for first hit and boxing out enemy warriors, 3WP required to tempest after 2ex movement
    -avoids earlygame, kept safe at distance until you have good turn advantage

    [2] Warmaster
    (Damage Dealer)
    -less maimable than other 2 warriors, better suited for early-mid game rather than waiting for turn advantage end-game

    Common Builds: Armor/Str/WP/Exertion/AB
    -standard, OK to keep safe till end-game but less chance for grouped-up SI hits

    [3] Warleader (Damage Dealer)
    -Very niche unit, used in combination with breaker(generally archers),PK, or 2nd warrior

    Common Builds: Armor/Str/WP/Exertion/AB
    -maximize dmg but easily maimable

    -Don't use warrior as breaker, better off using SBs which have 2 more stat point
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