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Thread: The Video Puzzle Thread

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    The Video Puzzle Thread

    Inspired by the awesome (but currently dormant) Tirean puzzle thread, I'm tempted to make my own, with a twist : you get a screenshot of the game, and the video of the match it is taken from !

    Without further ado, let's start with the first one :

    You can watch the lead-up to this situation here (it's been going well for you !)
    The screenie is taken at 8:45, so don't look after that (I got some of it right, and some of it wrong though, so the answer's not in there).

    It's your turn, make your move - and the rest of your units' too !
    If you play this well enough your opponent's decisions during this turn should not influence your own. You can pretty much win yourself the game in this part of the game. How will you do it ?
    (there's a corner case of his BM going berserk and charging your own for str damage, but that'd be bad so let's assume he doesn't)
    Note : the WM stats (hidden in the screenie) are 10/16.
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    I guess I'd take a step up-left and provoke the thrasher. The outcome from there seems pretty unpredictable (for starters, the enemy could push the PK), but at least it keeps the PK safe from the WM a little longer. I guess from there, I might try to save the WL from the WM as well, using an RoA... Then, depending on where the WM moved, I'd break somebody with the RM...

    Doesn't seem like a sure path to victory, that. I'm interested to see the solution!

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    Disclaimer : the "correct" moves do not actually lead to a clear-cut victory situation, just one I deem good enough to say you're pretty sure to win. Also the move taken by the WM spawns a least a couple of different scenarios, but all of which can be accounted for.

    EDIT : is there really no way to use spoiler tags in this forum ? That's kinda impractical :/
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    It looks to me like the key to winning from this situation is keeping his Thrasher from landing a strong hit on your archers, crippling his archer, and doing a break+break+pierce combo on the WM.

    As it stands in the screenshot, you have 4 full units and 1 hurt unit, while the enemy has 3 full units and 1 hurt unit.

    The best move is surely to bring the PK out of range of his WM. After stepping 1 square to the left, you can either:

    1) Provoke the SRM, use SS and RM to break the Thrasher (8 or 9 armor lost) and the BM can hit the Thrasher right before he goes with Bird of Prey for ~11 damage, leaving the thrasher at ~1/1 with 1 WP. I like this because it cripples his unit, saves you from taking much damage, and stops his SRM from pushing your WL into the fire for 4 auto damage.

    Or you could:

    2) Use the PK to taunt the Thrasher into a rank 3 RoA. This leaves the thrasher at 11/6, which is low enough str that you can safely ignore him for a while.

    And the third option:

    3) take a step backwards and use a horn charge to provoke the SRM. 3 WP RoA on the SRM to kill him, wasting 3 of the enemy's WP and killing a 15 armor unit. I'm not 100% sure this is a good idea because it leaves 3 untouched enemy units who could potentially go berserk.

    Edit: Hmmm looking it over, it looks like your SS actually needs to move up and protect the WL from being hit by his WM. Option 1 can still do this while hitting the Thrasher for ~5 damage, so I think that is the best choice.
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    SPOILER BELOW, don't read if you're still solving

    Good answer Yth ! (with the edit)

    Option 1 is actually what I went for if you watch the stream, but not the best possible move sequence.
    Your edit is spot on.
    My answer (which is possibly not the best either, but the one I was thinking of) is
    1. PK moves 1 left, malices the SRM (to make sure he can't push - there are a few nasty ones he can pull off - and ensures he stays in the way of the WM)
    BM probably breaks WL (maybe retreating a bit)
    2. SS goes to trap the square in front of the WL to prevent WM from punching him
    WM either walks into the trap an WL mauls him, or he goes behind TH... and WL can still get a hit on him, or retreats (which is also good, see 5)
    3. RM breaks TH for 5
    SRM does nothing (malice)
    4. BM BoPs on the Trasher for 8+2-6=4, putting him at 8
    TH does a BF on someone, but needs to use the horn to get to the SS and can't get to the BM for a BF
    5. WL either maims the WM if he stayed in range or crosses the fire and maims the BM (also depends a bit on the position the TH ended up in)

    This leaves him with the TH maimed and wp-less, and either the BM or WM seriously maimed, while I take only a break and a flail (maybe). I can then still do a malice-RoA to finish his SRM.

    ...Unless someone can think of a good counter from red team ?
    Nastiest I can think of is red BM using 6 exertion to get into 5-range of blue BM and do a 4 str attack. Later my SS would be in the way between the WL and her, unless I take a risky position with the SS to defend WL.
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    I myself honestly can't see a clear cut victory for blue team.

    If anything I see more winning chances for red than I do for blue. And after watching the game play out I still believe red had the most chances to win the game.

    Would be interested to see what others say. I am out of practice so might be missing something obvious.


    On a little more analysis it seems its all going to come down to RNG and mind games. The taunt on the SRM is mandatory choice for PK so the enemy has to deal with the TS with 3 of hits units.

    The WL will be hit by a 80% 3 WP shot by the BM and the WM will take a step backwards for a turn to avoid the WL / make him use all WP to gain access to him to hit for not very much damage. Then it all comes down to BlF RNG luck as well as the next couple RoA to prevent the WL from coming in and wrecking stuff up. You will also need to keep the SRM occupied with your PK otherwise his high armor can cause some annoyance for your archers.
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    1. Move Provo one step back so that WM can't hit him. Malice the SRM.
    2. Instead of the obvious RoA between them, come closer, like You would want to protect Your WL from his WM (especially if the BM did break him) BUT RoA the path enemy Thrasher would have to take in order to reach Your archers.
    3. Break Thrasher.
    4. Walk up to the enemy BM, break her.
    5. Finish her off with firewalking WL.

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