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Thread: Vigrid Tournament Season II planning : let's decide on the format and rules

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    Vigrid Tournament Season II planning : let's decide on the format and rules

    Vigrid Season I is (finally) coming to an end with only 3 matches left to play in both leagues combined. It's time to prepare for Season II ! This thread is to decide on the how of things, based on the experience of Season I.

    Tournament format :
    This time I want to make groups. This gives more leeway in match scheduling, makes sure that everyone gets a fair number of matches, and it is an opportunity to divide the player into regional groups, therefore mitigating the difficulties of matches across half the planet's timezones. It is also a way to accommodate player numbers that are not 8/16/32.
    With group rounds, everybody will have at least 3/4 matches, so I think after that direct elimination rather than double elimination is probably a more straightforward and manageable way to do it.
    So the ladder might look something like this :

    [Group 1 : US] [Group 2 : US2] [Group 3 : EU] [Group 4 : Asia ?] (4~5 players per group)

    1st of G1___
    2nd of G2   |
    1st of G2___|            |
    2nd of G1                |
    1st of G3___             |
    2nd of G4   |            |
    1st of G4___|
    2nd of G3
    If two groups are of the same region, we can keep up to the semi-finals as a regional league, up the the Intercontinental Finals
    Another possibility is groups + double elimination, where the third of each group goes to the bottom of the losers bracket.

    Regarding grouping : Regionals mean that there is very little seeding going on. If there is only one EU group, you are guaranteed to be in the one with Tirean (lucky you !). If there are two EU or two US groups (either will happen, possibly both) then there's the question of how to separate players between them. Maybe group by higher and lower Elo ranking.

    Rensei had a cool suggestion about a modified Round Robin system in chat, I can't dig it up right now. A link would be cool - please, Mrs Awesome
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