View Poll Results: I became a Kickstarter backer because of the...

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  • Vikings!

    438 40.00%
  • art style / animations

    796 72.69%
  • RPG elements

    611 55.80%
  • premise of the story / mature game

    579 52.88%
  • music (Austin Wintory)

    181 16.53%
  • trailer / narrators voice

    134 12.24%
  • enthusiastic / skilled developers

    364 33.24%
  • other

    75 6.85%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: I became a Kickstarter backer the moment I saw this frame...

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    I became a backer once I saw the passion for the game from the game's creators. They made me believe they would put their hearts and souls into the game. The art style was an extra bonus.

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    I became a backer when devs stopped making Strategy turn based rpg games for PC :P

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    I LOVED the art for the game. But I would not have put in as much to support as I did if the Devs were not as experienced as they are.
    The whole concept as presented in the initial video really sold it.

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    I saw an article in gamasutra and followed the link. It is the first Kickstarter campaign that I jumped onto immediately. I love the art and the style of game.

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    For me it was their Linux support

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    Backer hannibal's Avatar
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    May 2012
    1) It's a Tactical RPG
    2) Very nice art design

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    Backer Manaleshi's Avatar
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    May 2012
    The art, the setting, the genre of game.... if people vote with their wallets, I wanted my vote counted.

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    Backer kevin's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Lafayette, IN
    I was really struck by how great the artwork was, with so much attention to detail. Most of the artwork looks like the kind of stuff I wish I could do. Then I saw it was turn-based strategy and that was all the more I needed to know

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    Backer Biowulf's Avatar
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    It's hard to say. Are you sure we have to select just one? :P I was drawn in by cracked when I saw the whole mature storyline meant for adults. After I watched the promo video on Kickstarter I loved the art design and the Viking themes and really everything. I was especially glad to hear the developers doing this independently and even renting a small studio to record their animations and all that stuff. I just loved the idea as soon as I saw the site, really.

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    May 2012
    I became a Backer after I saw the Video on the Kickstarter Page! The graphical style reminds me of my childhood, when I watched Disney Films

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    Quote Originally Posted by SectionOne View Post
    I became a Backer after I saw the Video on the Kickstarter Page! The graphical style reminds me of my childhood, when I watched Disney Films
    The art style is specifically inspired by Sleeping Beauty, so you're quite right to be reminded!

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    Vikings and the Art style got me to back it, but the music is what made me increase it.

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    For me, the trailers reminded me of the original Myth: The Fallen Lords which had an amazingly epic story around kinda, sort of Nordic characters. Then, as I looked deeper, I realized that most games that I'm playing seem to be missing a real soul.

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    For me, I've been dying to get my hands on a new GOOD rpg that would really captivate my interest and make me feel that I've entered a new world. There have been so many disappointments in the RPG genre lately that I looked to kickstarter to see if there was an idea worth supporting... and within 30 sec. of seeing "The Banner Saga", I was completely sold!

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    Backer kyubajin's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Barcelona, Spain
    The whole premise of the game had me wowed from the very beginning.

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    Backer Morte's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Art style and premise of the story woke my interest, the enthusiasm of the developers made me a backer.

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    Backer lamaz's Avatar
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    May 2012
    I decided to get the game when I first saw a screenshot of the the caravan traveling. This was before the kickstarter campaign and when I heard about the campaign I immediately decided to back it. All of this based on one screenshot. So definitely the art style, but the setting and game's genre are also very cool.

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    I started investigating this game after reading the cracked article. It appeared to be a Final Fantasy Tactics-style game where choices mattered (rather than being all railroad-y) and you have to make management decisions a la King of Dragon Pass... which makes it the game I've been waiting for most of my life. Very exciting!

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    For me it was the trailer - specifically those opening lines: "The gods are dead. That is not the problem. The problem is that everyone knows it." I had chills running down my spine after hearing that. I was hooked after those couple of seconds. Then the discussion of decisions that actually matter, the interesting 2d animation... my willpower was gone and Stoic got my money.

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    Beautiful and nostalgic art style? Tactical combat? A mature storyline shaped by decisions the player makes? Post-apocalyptic viking setting? I don't know for sure which one I fell for first, but I fell hard.

    I couldn't bring myself to not pitch in.

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