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  • Vikings!

    438 40.00%
  • art style / animations

    796 72.69%
  • RPG elements

    611 55.80%
  • premise of the story / mature game

    579 52.88%
  • music (Austin Wintory)

    181 16.53%
  • trailer / narrators voice

    134 12.24%
  • enthusiastic / skilled developers

    364 33.24%
  • other

    75 6.85%
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Thread: I became a Kickstarter backer the moment I saw this frame...

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    Backer GorillaGrod's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
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    For me it was the art, it was beautiful. It made me instantly want to be apart of the project, and I had never backed another project prior to this.

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    Backer Hishalea's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
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    I decided to back it as soon as I saw this image and thought, "I recognise that art style!" It made me want to watch the video, and then it was just a matter of choosing which tier I could afford.

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    Quote Originally Posted by balnoisi View Post
    to be honest i also have to say i don't particularly care about vikings, as any other european culture would have done it for me aswell though perhaps i shouldn't be saying this where the viking loving hordes might read it.
    I'm the the same boat, awkward pun intended! The viking aspect of this doesn't directly engage me but so many other aspects of it do! It's a beautiful thing they Stoic have created so far and it seems there are so many varied reasons. I'm enjoying reading them all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharkey View Post
    Seeing the art and the early gameplay from the vids, absolutely sold me as soon as I heard "The gods are dead, this is not the problem. The problem is that everyone knows it."
    Hell yeah, that intro was superb. If those lines set the tone for the game, I'm beyond excited for it. Kudos to whoever wrote that line and that narrators voice.... Wow, just WOW!

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    Backer Dark Jedi Dave's Avatar
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    The art was all I needed to see. I love Eyvind Earle, and 24 years old, I'm not afraid to admit Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite films simply due to the art style; its so unique. Also, I love Final Fantasy Tactics, and being Finnish I fully support the Viking lifestyle! Eyvind Earle art style + FF Tactics gameplay + creators with Bioware background and fans of KODP, this is a dream game to me!
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    When the designers invoked King of Dragon Pass as a design influence.

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    I know one of the founders and I like to support local efforts. Once I started seeing the quality of the art, I knew I had to support this project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KEK7go View Post
    I became a Kickstarter when I saw the art.

    It also did help that I LOVE Vikings and tactical turnbased RPGs, Tactics Ogre and Disgaea to name a couple.
    Are you me? Same reasons, I love animation as well and it is not usually something applied to games like this.

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    One man influenced my funding of this: AUSTIN WINTORY
    "I do not think I know what I do not know." - Socrates

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    I was keeping an eye on The Banner Saga because of the art, setting, and gameplay shown off in the announcement trailer way back in February, which I saw on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Supporting the Kickstarter was a no-brainer, especially when Alex mentioned King of Dragon Pass as an influence along the way.

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    I became a backer pretty much because Austin Wintory started ordering people to via his Twitter. So after his third Tweet about it, I checked it out. This was right after he'd come on board the project. And the game looks pretty neat + Wintory is a musical god = I fund.

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    The absolutely gorgeous art was the main thing. The game description certainly didn't turn me away. The $10 price tag made it an easy decision. If I recall, the project was fully funded and then some when I first heard about it, so it wasn't a matter of backing the project because it'll never see the light of day if I don't. Which has been a consideration for some of the others I've backed. Banner Saga just looks to be an awesome game at a bargain-basement price for those of us who helped make it happen. I'm glad to be a backer. I expect I'll eventually buy the other two episodes, and I'll probably regret not pre-ordering all three when I had the chance, but I only have so much money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_steve View Post
    The biggest reason I became a backer was because of The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing and Let's Play The Oregon Trail.
    After seeing what was done with those two games, I knew that the Banner Saga was going to have an excellent story, and that's why I backed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socrates View Post
    I became a backer pretty much because Austin Wintory started ordering people to via his Twitter. So after his third Tweet about it, I checked it out. This was right after he'd come on board the project. And the game looks pretty neat + Wintory is a musical god = I fund.
    Haha, it's funny because he really was doing that.

    He did such an amazing job with Journey. I'll admit, I was listening to the Journey OST last night and burst into tears at one point. He did such a fantastic job integrating his work with thatgamecompany's game. It'd be weird to say it wasn't his game after all that.

    Anyways, I paid for the $150 pledge so that I could get the soundtrack of this game, signed by the musical god himself. I can't wait to get it!
    "I do not think I know what I do not know." - Socrates

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    The main reason I pledged this game was because it was different than anything I currently play, yet parts of the video gave me a bit of a "Lemmings" vibe. I'm sure the game isn't even close to that, but the look of having an entire army following in a 2D environment reminded me of that.

    I love to support projects that aren't of the norm, and this was one of them. I look forward to hearing more and more about the development.

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    Definitely the art style for me; no oversized weapons like most fantasy games, nice fluid animation like original prince of persia for the modern day. Also turn-based strategy for the win! Intriguing choices and definitive consequences. Mostly the passion of their pitch sold me through, with that level of dedication I'm confident they will deliver a good experience.

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    Backer SPenguin's Avatar
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    The art work did it for me, plus it being a TBS made it so much easier to put down the $$

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    Backer desiv's Avatar
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    The art style and the fact that it's not an FPS...
    Nothing against a good FPS, but it's not my favorite style...

    A good game/story doesn't need to be 3D.
    This looks incredible in 2D...

    Looking forward to the progress and the game..


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    Yep, the very same scene that got me into this. Also the artworks remind me of Odin's Sphere, and immediately fell in love with it.

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    I've always been a fan of strategy RPGs like Shining Force and Fire Emblem. I read about The Banner Saga on an indie games blog back in February and took notice. When the Kickstarter was launched, pledging was a no-brainer.
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    For me the reason why I pledge was to see your dedication to your game by making something very beautiful but clear in the same time. And when you said that our choices will make a difference in the storyline I was in.

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