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Thread: Steam cards/backgrounds/emoticons for The Banner Saga

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    Steam cards/backgrounds/emoticons for The Banner Saga

    Hey guys. So I'm sure you're all familiar with Steam's new trading card deal. Ye may love it, hate it, be apathetic towards it, or somewhere between all those (about where I am), but I think this would be a cool thing for The Banner Saga for a couple of reasons.

    First, because it gives the game some more exposure. It would be announced on the Steam Trading Cards Group (which is pretty big now) as one of the new games to get the feature, and would surely attract more folks who might not have checked out the game before. Some people would probably be attracted to it for the wrong reasons (simply for cards/achievements/badges), but still, it couldn't hurt. Second, I just want a Banner Saga background, haha. The art style is amazing, and much of the concept art already released would work wonderfully.

    Obviously this shouldn't be a priority or anything, but just thought I'd throw the idea out there. Just a fun little thing to do, and it'd be sweet to show off some TBS stuff on my profile, get some new people interested in the game, and possibly to get some vets back if only to earn some cards, haha.

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    I second this.

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    If only I knew what's this all about
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    It's a good idea.

    I feel the whole steam "leveling and trading card thing" is a load of.. enter some bad words here However I do understand why they are doing it. Many people are collectors and will play things just for that. I know many people who played games they didn't enjoy at all but continued to play because they wanted some achievements to show others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by netnazgul View Post
    If only I knew what's this all about
    I fall on the same category as netnazgul here However, I think I grasp the meaning of this, and I think it would help the game. So, if its just some miscellaneous "steam-related" thing, then why not?

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