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    A nightmare to find this game from link to link. You need to look into as most would have walked away. Took me at least 30 minutes to find it was only multiplayer, free and on steam.

    Good tutorial. Couldn't work out how to talk though. Pressing enter took me 2 minutes of pressing the normal T then Y then all keys. Sounds silly but this happens in Warframe and people walk away. A tag or add it to the tutorial maybe. Your choice.

    Found a game against a new player. Agreed we were both new. Her name was justice Pirate. A very nice person and we talked all the way through the game. It was excellent. Relaxing chatting while competing against each other.

    The game is very good. Even at its base level you can see how it will open up in endurance games and even an expanding board. Potential is high but Hearthstone cant be to far away and downloading this game or finding info even is very very hard. I had to join a website or 2 using my credit card which I was not happy about and then found a link to steam.

    I will play this again but I want single player first. I want to learn at my own pace and not be dominated online. This will just make me walk away and never come back. Once I have played through the single player I will surely be happy to pit my skills against another human.

    I'll see you when its in single player. I spend a lot of money on games. Auction houses or upgrades available with real money. Just sort out Bing. I used Bing and it was a horrific experience. I didn't use chrome so I cant comment on how easy it was to find on that.

    Good luck and I cant wait for single player. Good luck guys x

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    Hello stacey!

    Glad you like the game, and hope you'll stick to it and help boost the community!

    The player-base is a little low lately, so it can be a pain to find a low-power match . Once you reach power-6 things will roll much better. I suggest you send messages to the in-game chat, e.g. "power-2 waiting in quick-match queue, anyone around?" Typically people respond, so, in the unfortunate event that nobody answers (or they are at much higher power) it might be better to try again in 3-5-10 mins. Typical fights last 15-20 mins, so 3-5 min intervals should be OK.

    Oh, an easier way would be to try making friends -- nothing better than progressing thru the game w a friend, scheduling quick-matches (so that you both earn renown and get kills for the promotions to higher power!), chatting etc. You got the last one

    After the single-player launch, the multi-player will surely experience a resurgence. Having a large player base (again) will make it much more fun for everybody!

    Good luck, have fun, and drop by the forum-chat if you got anything to ask/share or just feel an urge to chat!

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    Aye Aleo. Stacey you can add me if you want someone to play at your current level/help ya out with stuff - show you all the unit types/abilities. It's a fantastic game and is going to grow once SP is released, there will be a lot more units and a much larger player base.

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