Here's my story: During a ranked-match (here is the twitch-recording), I got the stormy seas problem. The game eventually disconnected me from the server, throwing me back in Strand. I logged off, and after a server reboot, I logged back in, I didn't check HoV and went straight for another ranked-match, where I lost. Then, I checked my ranking and found that I'd gotten something like a 40 elo-point drop. Is it possible that the crash counted as a defeat?

  1. The max elo-change is still K=+/-32 (per match), right?
  2. I'm pretty sure the opponent I played against during the crash was relatively new, something that would justify such a big elo-drop.
  3. On the match I lost, I was matched pretty fast with the opponent, meaning that we were at close elo-ranking; so, I'd expect a ~16 elo-point drop.
  4. My win streak confirms that the crash counted as a loss.

I don't mind the lost points ( ok, just a little, cuz I was getting close to 1300!), but I am curious if the opponent also got it as a defeat. I also believe that if something like this happened in a Tourney, on a Sunday, we'd have blades bared!

Do you need any log files/reports to nail this?