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Aleo: The correct name for this base unit is Landsman, a general term for a man that lives off the land and spends most his time in the forests rather than in cities. Axes come in handy in the woods. One advanced unit of the Landsman is the Hunter. And yes, they have a knife or two under those cloaks.
Thanks for the clarifications, Arnie!

So, the Hunter is in fact a promoted class for the Landsman base-class. This way it makes much more sense. Seems like Landsman is a really "basic" all-around unit, something like militia, confirmed by its hybrid melee/ranged nature. It surely doesn't have all that warlike flavoring that other classes (Raider, Warrior, Shieldbanger) have. I am curious to see his abilities and how he fits in the Factions crew. In the Saga, he can surely serve as a scout of sorts, I think...