If #1 does end up getting Alette killed, then I'll be honest and say I don't like that kind of thing. I'm all for decisions like this, but having a character die because of it just seems like a waste. Stick to things like having paths closed off, or losing the chance to earn loot, or getting ambushed in a precarious spot. If you get a character killed, it should be because you made a poor decision on the battlefield, not because you chose A instead of B.

In this current situation, I would start a battle where the effects of your decision play out instead of having the game tell you what happens. That way, if you do make a bad decision, you have the opportunity to fix it instead of being told "Oh, you shoot Alette in the back and she keels over dead. Tough break." Instead, you'd go into a battle where Alette takes damage from your bungled shot, and then Alette and Rook would be facing the colossus with Alette already hurt.