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Thread: Ctrl+Alt+Delete "choose your own adventures" comics

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    Ctrl+Alt+Delete "choose your own adventures" comics

    I'm enjoying the "Let's Play" videos; it's neat to see people discussion the best course of action to take after each video. The "choose your adventure" done by popular vote has been done before. Specifically this reminds me of back in 2008 and 2010 when the webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Delete did a series of stories chronicling the exciting adventures (and mis-adventures) of "Ethan McManus: Space Archeologist". Every few pages the author would allow fans to vote on what Ethan should do next. Fans would often intentionally pick less than optimal choices, but it's fun to read through the adventures even after the fact. Here are links to the three adventures he wrote. Just something to entertain people while they are waiting for the next exciting installment of the "Let's Play" video.

    Issue #1: Ethan McManus: Space Archeologist

    Issue #2: Ethan McManus: Space Archeologist and the Mesocron of Knowledge

    Issue #3 Ethan McManus: Space Archeologist and the Planet of Doom

    (I'm sure if he ever decides to public a full gamebook it will sell like hotcakes)

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    It's an interesting concept, that the writers place the fate of their heroes entirely on the hands/votes of the readers. I can't say exactly how detached a writer is from his characters, but its something that I wouldn't wanna with some characters/stories I am really attached to...

    Well, unless the options/choices are kind of trivial, like this asked at the end of the second play-thru video of the Saga. The three options supplied there (shout/bow/axe the enemy) all seemed fairly equivalent and --I guess-- will lead to more or less the same outcome. I'd like to see REAL choices, were all options have been worked-for and seem equally good/bad, meaning that the weight of gain/loss is truly subjective and thus difficult to judge. The two options in the first video (go/stay for the fight) were much better in that sense.

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