Has anyone played the strategy RPG "Expeditions: Conquistador"? It's about a band of Spanish conquistadors exploring the New World and reminds me a lot of the Banner Saga. It's a mix of turn-based strategy battles, choose your own adventure style plotlines and surviving and exploring in the jungle wilderness. The hex-based combat system doesn't look nearly as complicated as the Banner Saga, the combat seems to be about hiding behind cover (and line of sight) and using lots of special abilities to your advantage. Each of your units has different personality traits and will get upset if you make decisions they disagree with. The game also seems to involve lot of micro-managing, where every night when you camp you have to decide who is guarding your camp, who is scouting, who is hunting, who is making meat into provisions and who is making medicine from local herbs. The game tries to be realistic, where wounded units will get sick and die unless you have medicine and a doctor, and where the harsh jungle climate is as dangerous as the natives you are fighting.

It sounds interesting, but I'm glad stoic decided not to make the travel mechanisms of their game as complicated. Apparently a big part of the game is resource management, and making sure you expedition always has enough supplies. I like their idea of Stoic creating different events when you have bad morale, instead of just applying a combat penalty to your units (which is what this game does).

Expeditions: Conquistador was created with the help of a kickstater campaign as well, and considering they only raised $77,247 the game looks pretty impressive. I've been thinking of downloading the game to distract myself until Banner Saga is released. The developers look like they have been very diligent at patching and improving the game since it's release. Have anyone around here played it? I'd be curious to hear what you thoughts.