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Thread: Dashing Fighters of Angmar. The Beach Party

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    Dashing Fighters of Angmar
    The Beach Party

    Once flooded with habitants, now the streets of Strand were quite lonely. The only sounds on the market square were wind breezing from the shore, bringing also the squeaking of seagulls, and scarce snow-covered drunkards lying beside the meadhouse doors. Certainly those poor fellows were not worth bothering.

    So we went through the streets, and seagulls sounded somewhat louder. This should have given one an idea that we were heading for the beach, and after some strolling we've reached the beach hut. Common fellow of a narwhal corpse was still lying washed by the waves of ice-locked sea, some idlers sat on the dais across the beach waiting for something to happen.

    The main feature of visible landscape however was a bunch of bored guys probably waiting for us to beat them up. I don't think I should define it here that this was exactly what we wanted to deliver that day.

    Huge black-haired varl looked like the main bully of them, and Paul, our leader, immediately selected him as the main threat to be dealed with, like no one got that themselves. In fact Paul really has some tendency to dictate everything, shouting at everyone and pointing to various places like he's a great strategist. Not that it is really effective in battle as every fight was basically a pointy pile of warriors trying to bash their opponents in the head as hard as they could giving the circumstances. But still Paul's fist is quite heavy, so no one tried to oppose him on leadership and generally listens to what he says.

    Beside that huge varl was another one so overshadowed by his leader that you could mistake him with a human. Not only his physical stature added to that but the fact that he seemed to be quite shy and bashful, hiding somewhere behind the lines. Speaking about "the lines", two identically looking brown-bearded guys supposedly were brothers or something. Somewhere further helmed dude was flirting with some lady, not really paying any attention to what was happening around. All in all they didn't seem to be any tough. Good opportunity to show those idlers who's the greatest fighter around.

    Varl saw our party first, probably due to the fact that he was the tallest guy in the pack and stood closest to the way we came here. Immediately he rushed forward if you can say that - his slow and steady movement looked like a huge moving through the oak wood. He indeed looked like a bear - big, hairy and, as it turned out, rather smelly, so that bear comparison was right to the point.

    That smell of his had a much greater moving speed than its bearer so you can understand why I wasn't happy to rush forward and hit him. And I really like to be the first guy to enter the fight (of course that's also the reason I never lose in the "the last to enter the fight pays the booze" competitions). But Paul decided otherwise and barked at me to go and hit his shield as hard as I could. His histrionical manner of barking wasn't enough to convince me, but his heavy fist was, so I went forward and made a stroke on that giant trying to stay alee.

    In the meantime twin brothers made some kind of a flanking move which looked quite ridiculous due to them moving through the center of an improvised battlefield between tie-down posts. To further amplify the dumbness of that move Lofthaena shot an arrow up, carefully calculating to hit them.

    If that strategic advantage wasn't enough, Paul thought that we can further humiliate our opponents and give idle sluggards something to laugh on and told Kadaburr to advance and scratch that shy varl's something with his axe as he then looked even smaller and weaker than he was at the first glance. Kadaburr was always a bit of a madcap and not exactly giving a second thought of what he does and when so he followed Paul's command without further notice (that is, without Paul showing him how heavy his fist is). Like a mad war machine he approached varl and started to frantically swing with his axe, not really doing any substantial damage but forcing opponent to lose the rest of his bits of courage.

    On the other side of our improvised battlefield raiders met an arrow launched by Lofty. You don't need to be a soothsayer to imagine how surprised first raider was when an arrow suddenly fell from a seagull flying nearby in the sky. Due to that he was forced to stop dead at the spot, his following brother stumbling upon him as they both fell on each other causing idlers to burst out laughing and cheering Lofty with that funny trick.

    All that was happening the same time I tried to stay on my feet against giant varl's brute force and aroma. When I almost got to the point I couldn't resist to flee from him I got some help from Lana, our beautiful lady with a bow, who fired an arrow right through a crack in varl's shield and to his right shoulder, so powerful a shot that varl missed me with his club, turned and hit Kadaburr in the back. I was glad for that cause it allowed me to skip giant and go giving some beating for raiders’ duo. Although Kadaburr wasn't happy with that cause that messed with his involvement in showing puny varl his axe swinging speed.

    With all that bravado fighting going on we all forgot about that sweet pair behind. Though it looked like they also forgot about fighting too, their flirting turned into something more intimate and interesting for a viking's eye. Of course giant varl leader wasn't happy with that fighting attitude of his supposed partners but at that moment he could barely stand, being involved in getting arrow shots into different parts of his huge body (and that really helped for our ladies to aim); the only thing he could do was hitting me again in a throwing strike, so heavy that hit was (almost as heavy as Paul's fist) that I've lost my shield and felt backwards.

    Nevertheless the fight looked being almost over as Paul himself wanted at last to enter the battle and scatter the lines of our opponents. The last moment of our little rumble was raider brothers getting another arrow hit from above approximately the time they got up and wanted to seek for revenge. That was enough for their party to understand that they should probably look a safer place somewhere else, as they fled away.

    When the dust from their swift running laid down, I've had an opportunity to see the results of our fighting. Fortunately, only I and Kadaburr were really involved in hand-to-hand fighting, with Lana and Lofty wasting several arrows. Grimnar who wanted to have some slaughter today wasn't even able to reach the opposition cause at the time he got to me, everything was already over.

    So we got some praise from gapers watching the whole show and headed back to the town center to ease the pain (mainly Kadaburr's) and patch the armor (mainly mine). But first things first as always. To the meadhouse!


    P.S.: have absolutely no idea whether I'll continue the story or not, just had some inspirational time and poured my thoughts into this. Your opinions appreciated
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    Great story net! Thanks. It's things we're all really used with (well, apart from the BB & archer making out in the middle of the fight! ). Please keep the series going. I'd love to see hear more about units like PK, SA etc.

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    i agree with Aleo! thanks

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