There are a couple of points I think should be considered for balancing Factions in the future to achieve a more interesting meta-game (overall power-level has been handled quite well). The introduction of new classes offer many opportunities to make a very diverse game.

1. Varl number should be an actual decision. Currently 2 varl (the maximum) is very standard. It would be nice for the inclusion of varl in a team to be a meaningful choice that one weighs against the possibility of running against varl counters. What counters? The previous incarnation of the Siege Archer is a good example. It was overpowered and needed to be nerfed, but was one of the few abilities so detrimental to varl to possibly impact teams in this way. Hopefully, new abilities will fill this role.

2. Desirability of classes at different ranks. Basically, leveling up some classes does very little while for others it makes them far better. This may be a more difficult problem to solve with the limitations to how abilities can be incremented.

3. Diversity of stat builds within a subclass. Some classes are basically limited to a very specific stat build to be effective.

I wanted to discuss reverting the max strength change to Backbiters and instead reducing run-through range by one. I think this might improve 2+3 for that subclass, but I don't want to derail this thread with the specifics of that discussion.