First of all please accept my many thanks for making this most wonderful game. From art & animation style to the turn based battles to the concept of travel it is very much close to my dream viking game. It also reminds me of two of my other favorite games, King of Dragon Pass and the more recent Expeditions Conquistador. I much regret not being aware of the project during the kickstarter.

However I have a a few questions on how open the game world will be. Will I able to direct my caravan anyway I wish, or will I be a given a few choices to pick from? The gameplay looks so much magical, so I only wish I can extend the campaign as much as possible. From what I can gather, I understand this may go against the game's concept of a countdown to Ragnarok, not allowing the player to stretch out his/her campaign without limits.

And also those turn based battles look and play stunning (from my experience in Factions), I believe they are more fun, more tactical and more beautiful than many recent TBS games I have played. I will also like to have as many battles as possible during the campaign. So will the game have unlimited random encounters? Or, something like practice mode, where you to form two teams from you caravan, give one to AI and try out some tactics. This does not have to give XP to characters (to avoid grinding), it can be just for fun and for experiment with tactics.

In the extreme case, will there be some sort of skirmish mode outside the main campaign -total war style custom battles vs the AI?