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Thread: Suggestions for a better game experience

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    Lightbulb Suggestions for a better game experience

    I've played The Banner Saga: Factions a lot when it launched almost a year ago. Now with all the activity due to the single-player version's launch, I've decided to check Factions too see what has changed. Unfortunately I was met with same old problems that I've experienced so long a go. So here are my suggestions.

    Let's not be lost ever again!
    I've been watching a few Let's Plays of The Banner Saga on youtube. What I've noticed was that all the players new to the game (those that haven't played Factions) were lost in the town view screen and randomly wandered their mouse until stumbling upon something clickable. So why not have tool-tip view (names of the places you can visit visible after you click on "?"-icon) activated by default? This will help new (and old) players a lot! I want to also note that in Faction's chat you always see new players being lost. This will add to a positive user experience!

    It's dead, Jim!
    It was sad to see that after almost a year the game is still plagued by old problems and by that I mean crashing right before unit arrangement phase. This actually might not be the game's fault, but Adobe Air's instead, but still... How about adding a "pardon" feature where players don't loose any killstreak bonuses or ranking etc. if they exit the match/game prior to first round of the battle?

    Seen this, done that!
    This one has probably been suggested a dozen of times. After returning to Factions I was saddened to see that there were no new maps added. Oh c'mon guys, it's been almost a year. How about new maps already?


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    Hiya, welcome to the forums!

    They've had a busy year since releasing Factions, y'know, what with developing that other game of theirs with their team of three. It's really quite incredible that they managed to put it together so quickly. Anyway, after a breather (and hopefully an influx of revenue), I'm sure they'll turn their gaze back to TBS:F.

    For what it's worth, I agree with your points. Most folks consider the lack of AI the biggest issue.

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    I agree with all your suggestions! Would be nice if try can get around to it.

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