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Thread: Do not peek in here. Big spoilers! The effect of choices in your Saga.

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    Do not peek in here. Big spoilers! The effect of choices in your Saga.

    Replaying and looking through the different possibilities of the choices in the story and events. Turns out there are usually very clear winners among the choices. Chapters 1-3 done.

    NOTE: Originally I included renown from my battles on Hard. But the Renown varies between difficulties so was removed. Just remember battles are additional sources of Renown and chances to get kills to make your characters available for promotion.

    Banner Saga events
    Chapter 1. Just help Eirikk and get supplies but doesnt really matter. Varl party has lots of supplies.
    Speaking of which don't spend any renown. It will carry over later.
    It is probably best to get all kills on Gunnulf and level him later. Gunnulf can carry through the game if he lives and it is very nice to have Renown spent in Chapters 1 and 3 not be wasted in later Chapters.

    Chapter 2
    Starving Dredge: 3 Renown
    Leave immediately- Leave immediately. 3 days of supplies
    Grab supplies and run- +15 supplies.
    Can you handle more- Leave immediately. 3 days of supplies
    (Supply is important.)

    Reaching Skogr:
    Send them off- They are not in battle. Easy event afterwards as no one is at risk. Gives your party turn advantage. More kills for Rook and Iver (Trygvi also if you preordered or backed.)
    Let them fight- They are in battle. Event afterwards. Kills for Alette and Egil but Alette has an achievement for not using her against humans/Varl severely limiting her usefullness if you want to get that. Egil has many event deaths so

    you may not want to bother leveling or getting kills on him. He is a good armor soak and breaker though.

    Event After:
    Egil and Alette did not fight:
    Search Houses- Flavor text
    Not a good idea- Flavor text
    (Nothing important)

    Egil and Alette fought:
    1. Keep watch- No different from option 2 Arguing to head back.

    2. Argue to head back-
    1. Shout at Alette- Egil dies.

    2. Shoot at it-
    2.a. Stop thinking and shoot- Egil lives.
    2.b. Shout instead- Egil dies.
    2.c. Fire safely above her- Egil dies.

    3. Run with your axe- Egil dies.

    1. I trust Iver on this-
    2. Not a decision-
    3. We can hold them off- Chieftain pretends he didn't hear you.
    ---All lead into next chain

    1. Follow Chieftain's plan- Battle
    Event after battle
    1.a. Help fighters- Battle
    +20 Renown. Chieftain is grievously wounded
    1.b. Try to keep everyone together- Avoid a second fight.
    +20 Renown. Morale becomes poor! (Clear loser choice)

    2. Iver's right.-
    2.a. Ok you can come- Alette is in the roster. Battle
    +20 Renown. (Loser choice. Less Renown than other choices and the less interesting chieftain died event.)
    2.b. No too dangerous- Alette cries! You monster! And she is not in the battle.
    A brief scene with Alette you will not get any other way.
    30 Renown! (Unique dialogue involving a touching moment between father and daughter plus more renown than the other choice. Winner!)

    3. Set fire?- Chieftain won't hear of it. Pick a new option.

    4. Storehouse?-
    4.a. Can't leave food behind!- Battle
    Event after battle
    4.b. Help fighters-
    Same as earlier choices from fleeing and distraction.
    4.c. Try to keep together- Avoid a second fight.
    +20 Renown. Morale becomes poor! (Clear loser choice)
    4.d. Help Iver with carts- Battle.
    +15 Renown. You do not seem to gain any supplies.
    (Storehouse is the worst possible choice.)

    Market in Skogr:
    Possibilities include-
    Comb of the Loom Mother (Rank 3 -2 Aggro)
    Statue of a Sightless Man (Rank 5! 20% chance to dodge STR attacks +2 STR)
    Studded Pommel (Rank 3 Knockback on STR attacks of 5)
    Svallin Dust (Rank 3 +2 ARMOR)
    Iron Bands (Rank 1 +1 STR)
    Eirfang (Rank 4 +3 WILLPOWER per kill)

    Leaving Skogr:
    Caravan is too spaced out:
    1. Call an early stop- You make camp. Possible morale boost?
    2. Slow the pace- Nothing. Possibly morale loss.
    3. Keep steady- Nothing.
    4. Rally - +5 Renown
    (Which choice do you think you should make?)

    Men want to join:
    Allow- +5 Renown +18 Supplies +12 Fighters
    Refuse- Nothing happens.
    (Maybe the clearest choice ever.)

    Godstone Hridvaldyr:
    Inspect First- Godstone Bjarken Rune 15% to dodge strength attacks
    Move on immediately- Nothing
    (Wonder what event you should choose? God I wish you could sell items for renown.)

    Drunkard Event:
    Public apology-Nothing.
    Tie him up- Nothing. Possibly morale boost.
    Laugh it off- +5 Renown
    Encourage them to drop it- Nothing. Possibly morale boost.
    (Another clear winner of an event)

    Village after Hridvaldyr:
    Market sometimes has Sunstone (Rank 3 Attacks never deflected) Obsidian Ring (Rank 3 +2 Strength, Svallin Dust (Rank 3 +2 armor) Lightning Runestone (Rank 2 10% chance x2 Str Damage +1 Aggro)
    Warrior's Oath (Rank 1 +1 WP) Sporddreki Bur (Rank 3 +2 aggro 5% chance to dodge STR attacks)

    After Village:
    Say you don't want to get involved. Hogun and Mogun take care of business! The brothers join. +84 clansmen +11 Fighters +5 Renown +15 Supplies Same if you step back from the fight.
    Side with Villagers- Mogun and Hogun back down +Supplies +15 Renown
    Side with brothers and you get to fight. +165 Clansmen +22 Fighters +20 (10 renown from fight 10 after) Renown +10 Supplies
    (Obvious winner is the fight. You risk only injuries. Gain two Thrashers which are good units and the most renown plus more kills for promotion.)

    As well Alette wants to talk to you after.
    If you fought she asks why you killed those villagers. If you didnt get involved she asks why.
    Tells you she doesn't want to harm varls or humans.

    Talk to Oddleif: +5 Renown

    Fighters want to leave:
    1. Wish them well- +5 Renown -8 Fighters
    2. See them off with extra supplies- +10 Renown -3 Supplies -8 Fighters
    3. Remind everyone they are free to go- +5 Renown -8 Fighters Possible morale boost?
    4. Think you'll survive?- -8 Fighters
    5. Tell them they are needed here- Don't lose fighters. Possible morale loss.
    (Another clear winner. Even if you use 1 Renown to buy 3 more supplies you come out way ahead.)

    Second Drunkard Event:
    1. Punish him physically- Oddleif humiliates him. Possible morale boost.
    2. He camps alone- Rafnsvarter dies. -1 Clansmen.
    3. Drink water from now on- Nothing. Possible morale loss.

    Third Drunkard Event:
    1. Banish- Rafnsvarter is left behind. -1 Clansmen.
    2. Mob justice- Rafnsvarter seems to gain a phobia of mead. Possible morale boost.
    3. Be on guard- Waste a day. Rafnsvarter dies. Possible morale loss.
    (Do whatever you want to the drunk but the "good" option is mob justice. HEHE Who knew?)

    Market may contain- Narwhal Horn (Rank 1 +1 BR Great for any Armor Breakers.) Studded Pommel (Rank 3 Knockback on STR 5 attacks. Pretty good for archers.) Charm of the Wandering Mind (Rank 3 20% chance to dodge STR attacks) Jarl's Seal (Rank 3 1 Will per turn. One of the better items actually worth purchasing.)

    If you spend time in the city instead of immediately getting inside Mogun and Hogun will die.

    Attack the gate- Iver pushes the gates open like a boss. Battle.
    Take the water passage- Battle.
    Confront a food caravan- Talk to Onef
    --choose to take caravan yourself- Battle. +11 Renown Then a second battle at the gates. +9 Renown
    ---We will join you for now.
    ---We will stay here. On our own.
    ---Let us out we are leaving.
    --Cut a deal- ?
    Ambush a caravan- ?

    Chapter 3
    Leaving Vedrfell:
    1. Waste of time- Nothing happens. Avoid the fight.
    2. Mogr, send warriors- +5 Renown -10 Varl No battle.
    3. Handle it ourselves- Battle. +11 Renown from battle on Hard.

    A Varl talks smack about Hakon:
    1. Ahem- Nothing.
    2. Challenge- +5 Renown
    3. Threaten- Find out his name is Griss.
    4. Blindside- +5 Renown

    Run into Merchants:
    1. The way is safe- Nothing.
    2. Anything to trade?-
    2.a. Take them- +35 Supplies and later two events that with the right choice gets you less supplies and a morale loss but +5 Renown. Thank you to Xionanx for helping me figure out the trigger.
    2.b. Keep them- Nothing.
    Any option still has a merchant ask you to keep an eye out for his brother.

    Just charge. Always charge. If you can handle it. Each option is progressively worse the farther down you go.

    People are getting sick: To get this event you must take supplies from the merchants.
    1. We pushing too hard?- Same as Option 3
    2. Some kind of disease?- Same as Option 3
    3. Something from dredge?-
    3.a. Keep watch- Nothing
    3.b. Ask around- Nothing
    3.c. Threaten- Nothing
    3.d. No need- Nothing.
    3.e. Might not- Nothing.

    Dredge attack a village:
    1. Split them- Supposedly smaller fight later.
    2. Get closer- caravan moves forward.
    3. Wait and see- Nothing. Goes back to options 1 and 2.

    Griss offers to join:
    1. You?! HEHE- He leaves.
    2. Get outta here- He leaves.
    3. You get one shot- Griss joins the roster.

    Reach village:
    1. Fight!- Battle. If you win further options open up.
    1.a. Open Hatch
    1.a.a. Send to strand- -30 supplies. Eirikk asks to go with them. If you choose Option 1 or 2 he stays. Option 3 he goes.
    1.a.b. Send with escorts- -15 Varl Eirikk asks to go with them. If you choose Option 1 or 2 he stays. Option 3 he goes.
    1.a.c. Stay if you like- Nothing
    1.b. Leave it- Nothing
    2. Skirt it- Day passes. Morale loss?

    Varl caravan reaches you on the road:
    3. Forget Ridgehorn- A strange force changes your mind... Suggest you choose this one for flavor. The event/conversation itself doesn't matter as long as you do not send Ludin away. Yrsa and Bersi are very good.
    PROTIP!: Fasolt is going to join here. He is a character that shows up later in Rook's caravan so level him and spend as much renown on him as you can though he may die later depending on your choice.

    Sickness Event Follow up- You only get this if you accepted the merchants supplies
    1. Dump only what is certain- -30 Supplies
    2. Dump everything unsafe- -65 Supplies
    2.a. Avoid- Morale loss.
    2.b. Tough- Morale loss.
    2.c. Escort- -30 Varl -10 Fighters Morale loss. +5 Renown! Worth it just keep morale up and rest after this event.
    3. Cant throw out- Nothing. Morale loss.

    Send Ludin to Grofheim -45 Fighters No Ludin, Yrsa or Bersi +300 Varl +50 Supplies
    Ludin Comes +330 Varl +60 Supplies

    Gunnulf and the cart:
    1. Tell him let go- Same as Option 2.
    2. Help Gunnulf- New options.
    2.a. Tell Gunnulf to let go- Lose cart. Gunnulf lives.
    2.b. Shout for help pulling- Lose cart. Gunnulf dies.
    3. Try to knock dredge off- Lose cart. Gunnulf dies.
    Think Gunnulf dying causes morale loss.

    1. No time to stop- Same as Option 4.
    2. Try to recover- Same as option 4.
    3. Your call Ubin- Same as Option 4.
    4. Cover it up- Nothing but there is an event later which lets you punch Ludin in the face.
    5. Leave men to gather the gold and body (If Gunnulf died) and return to Strand- -15 Varl Avoid a later event that will waste your time. Unless you want to punch Ludin in the face without him leaving in which case dont choose this.
    6. Recover body (If Gunnulf died)- Unable to do so or recover the gold same as Option 4.

    Godstone Denglr:
    1. Leave the dead and offering- Nothing.
    2. Leave but look for merchant- Like Option 3 but no supplies.
    3. Gather it all- Think there is a morale boost.
    3.a. Take necklace to return it- +30 supplies +10 Renown
    3.b. Take for yourself- +30 supplies. Mogr sees. Gain 5 Ring Necklace (Rank 5 +1 STR +1 ARM +1 BR +1 WP +1 Aggro) Wow Hakon is right to keep this. It is great on him.
    3.c. Leave it- Why in the hell would you choose this? Nothing happens.
    (A less clear choice. A rank 5 item for forsaking 10 Renown is a steal but 10 Renown is Renown. I say necklace for metagaming shenanigans but it is your choice.)

    A fire in the distance:
    1. Ignore it- Nothing.
    2. Send scouts- They dont return.
    2.a. Ignore it- -8 Varl
    2.b. Check yourself- +215 Varl
    3. Check yourself- Battle. +280 VArl

    If you left the gold unprotected you will get an event:
    1. Have Mogr question-
    1.a. Keep to yourself- Nothing.
    1.b. Ask Ludin-
    1.b.a. Threaten- Nothing.
    1.b.b. Demand- Leads to backing down or the Pummel option.
    1.b.c. Insist- Leads back to threaten and demand options.
    1.b.d. Pummel- A sack of gold and silver is given to Ubin. Funny but no effect in game.
    2. Demand answers- Same as Option 1 though you can dismiss or punish some Varl for no effect
    3. Make an example- Nothing.
    4. Ask Ludin- Same as Options 1
    5. Have Mogr watch- Nothing.

    Dredge following you:
    1. No, stop- Battle.
    2. Lose them- Nothing. Continue on.
    3. Good!- Battle.

    Surrounded in forest:
    1. Mogr?-
    1.a. Fight- Battle.
    1.b. Wait- Morale loss? More dredge?
    1.c. Lure- -10 Varl
    2. Wait- Same as Option 1.
    3. Ready!- Battle and apparently you surprise the Dredge.
    If Yrsa is with you then she will offer to set the woods on fire either as a distraction or trap. If you do either then you will lose her.

    PROTIP!: Rest before Ridgehorn until you have Great Morale and no injuries. You have plenty of supply. The end of Chapter 3 is nigh. Only Gunnulf and Fasolt are going to show up later (and Hakon near the end) make sure to spend as much Renown as possible on Gunnulf, Fasolt and Hakon to help you later. Make sure Gunnulf and Fasolt carry the two items you will want later in Rook's caravan. Probably 5 Ring Necklace and Jarl's Seal if you got that. I have not gotten to test for sure if they show up with the items but I think they will.

    At Ridgehorn:
    If you let Ludin fight alone he will die. Having Mogr lead a distraction kills him.
    Last edited by Shady314; 01-17-2014 at 08:55 PM. Reason: Chapter 3 is done. Thank you to Xionanx for helping me figure out the trigger for an event.

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