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Thread: Endgame breaking party restrictions

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    By that logic, what if you levelled Krumr all game long and had him die right before the final battle? Or Egil, or half of all the other characters that can die at certain points after you've presumably built your team strategy around them? That is just as unfair, but it's part of the game's story of punishing consequences and the uncertainty of war. Alette wouldn't let her father go into the final battle alone, neither would Rook let his daughter go in alone if she was the arrow bearer.

    Gameplay wise, the arrow bearer is out after the first, easy part of the boss battle, so you really only have to deal with one unwanted character in the second part. Alette can still break armor just fine (if absolutely necessary, go back to an earlier save and get her 2 kills so she can level up) and the puncture ability is excellent against Bellower.

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    Here's some thoughts of mine, on the topic, copy-pasted from the steam-forums:

    Yes, Alette and Rook must be in the final battle. In a previous version (probably a bug), Iver was also forced in that group. A lot of people have whined about that. I was puzzled at first, too, but I then got over it.

    Although it does make sense for all three of them to be there (being the main characters of the game), I believe the story doesn't "support" these forced-members too well. Lets see how:
    • Iver is generally a strong character, whom you surely have leveled enough, so he's very likely to be wanted around... Except if he's injured from previous battles! (Hard difficulty). This problem could be fixed if Juno somehow healed-up everybody before the final-fight...
    • Alette carrying the arrow means that Rook, her father, has every right to be coming along... Even if injured. Rook is also quite strong, and usually fairly leveled up. This choice-path is the most "sound", in my opinion.
    • Rook carrying the arrow means that Alette, his dear daughter, has every right NOT to be coming along, unless she somehow sneaks up or somethings. Moreover, many people didn't like putting her into fights (to get that "Innocent" achievement too), so it's very likely that she's not leveled enough for the fight. All in all, this last "choice-path" is the least well supported by the story. I'd fix it by having Alette sneak up with the group fighters, and only appearing/fighting in the 2nd part of the final battle, when you're left with only 5 characters.
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