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Thread: Onef doesn't appear, and Alette mentiones Ekkil as if he was with us?

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    Onef doesn't appear, and Alette mentiones Ekkil as if he was with us?

    Ok so this is bugging me. I restarted the game once because I thought I did some mistakes (turns out I didn't, the game screws me over and resets my supply to low on the start of chapter 4 no matter how stacked I am at the end of chapter 2).

    Anyway, I did the initial battle in chapter 4 with Ekkils men.. and I never got to the point where I am given a choice to raid the food supplies or meet Onef. I think to myself.. well maybe I did something that doesn't trigger him (although I DID join Ekkil at the end of chpt. 2).. and proceed to get starved yet again on my journey. After some point, Alette says how she's been talking to Ekkil.. I just stopped the game right there. It's just broken. Is there something that I can do to fix this or not?


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    This bug/inconsistency has been reported. It will most likely be addressed in the upcoming build/patch. Thanks!
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    Nid also talks about Ekkil like he is in your group when he is not in your group.

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