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Thread: Big oversight on the management side?

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    Big oversight on the management side?

    So as part of the management side of the game, you're supposed to buy resources at towns for the next leg of the journey, but as far as I can see, you're not given any indication of how far this is, making what should be an important decision essentially meaningless guesswork. Presumably the characters know it's roughly 7 days to Grofheimrnvarlabundr or wherever, so why aren't I given this information? Perhaps it should be on the map screen, so that this could actually be used for something beyond doling out snippets of lore?

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    I agree. I thought it would be neat to get an estimate to the next location when you were leaving a town. I was also thinking it would be neat if that estimate could be off based on the Morale of the caravan. If Morale is low and say, Iver knows the next town is 5 days away, he'll say 5 days but can't account for the speed of the caravan due to morale, so it could be more like 7 or 8.

    I honestly never found myself clicking on the Map screen because while the lore was really cool, it wasn't helping my current journey. Another idea for the map though would be to show the path your current Caravan had taken and even have clickable milestones as to the events that occurred previously. For example, after a certain scene where a party member does something unexpected, it would be cool to be able to look at my map a bit later (or even in the next game) and click on that milestone to read how those events played out, including my dialogue choices.

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    Yeah, this bugs me too. You can never do any serious "planning" for any span of your caravan's journey. Either you're not sure how long will it take (hence calculate the supplies needed), or you just can't afford provisions...
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    There are a couple instances where you can get hints on how long the travel will be from conversations, but yeah, there could definitely be more of that.

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    welll maybe it should show that estimation on the map...that would be a good use of it.I read the map for 30 minutes at the start of the game, but never opened it again. found the descriptions very interesting, but it had no practical use, I never had to plan ahead and look ahead of our journey path and see what obstacles we might encounter on the map. it was basically just an addition to lore, but with all the work put into it, i think that map could be used for so much more.

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