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    FIRST Character Loss and Renown

    I generally agree as savegames are not so easy to place in TBS, that either a better rollback system should be in place, or that multiple items are used to promote characters. the current system in TBS is limited by having only one wearable item, while if we leveled up through gaining items (loot, that is) from winning battles or making choices, we could recover them from the dead or from those leaving the party. Also, the opponents may try to loot characters they take down...

    SECOND Lack of Female Fighters

    I don't care much if the thing is about sexism, but i personally like female melee fighters and i won't mind if there will be more in the next instalments

    THIRD - Bellower

    I replayed the game multiple times and indeed the level of Alette and Rook, or the presence of enough 5th level characters can make a whole lot of difference at the harder levels. It can easily range from very easy to frustratingly hard depending on your choice of characters

    FOURTH Wars

    Spot-on. Wars are a big missed chance to make a much better game. If the war scenario was more changing (is my group charging in the middle of the fight or on the sides? are we going to be able to help other fighters in their struggle when we're done?

    FIFTH Kills for Promotion

    Another great comment. At the second try I used these mechanics and only let my higher-ranking characters break armor so that my lower-levs would get then kills rank up faster. It works like a charm but in the end it ruins the game fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleonymous View Post
    Yeah, Wars could do with some tweaking. An outlined idea:

    1. Each War is different from the other.
    2. Before the War, some hints about the geography of the battlefield (random or story-fixed) and the approximate number of foes is given.
    3. Each War is fought on three stages, i.e. three separate TBS-battles: (1) Vanguard, (2) Main Host, (3) Reserves/Melee
    4. Before the War, you get to divide your Heroes & Soldiers between those three parts of your army.
    5. Soldiers are generic rank-0 units, that swell your ranks and depend on Fighter & Varl populations.
    6. The three TBS-battles are fought consecutively, one after the other, each one affecting the morale of the one after.
    7. Once assigned, the Heroes cannot participate in other battles.
    8. At the beginning of each stage of War (each TBS-battle) you get some options (like charge/formation/retreat) that affect deployment etc.
    9. The overall renown gain, caravan casualties and/or supplies loss/gain is defined by your performance on all three battles/stages.

    That's the general context. It basically boils down to three small battles, but offers more flexibility and room for customization/randomness.
    That would actually make way more sense and be more enjojable than what we currently have. TBS2 actually did took some steps in this direction at least regarding the individual battlefields, wish it had taken more.
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    Thanks for "necro-ing" this post/thread, Yellow! Yes, Stoic actually did something like that in the Lundar War battles in Saga2 (end of Chapter 10, if I recall correctly). They also redesigned their War mechanic, but there's definitely still many steps to take! Problem is that Wars are not "generic" (and they shouldn't be), so there's probably not a one-fits-all solution to follow...
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