Hello everyone,

First of, let me thank Gamespot.com for actually giving information about a game that might hold promise to be both fun and challenging to play.

Now, to the topic at hand - a long, long time ago I played a game named King of Dragon pass that was also quite influenced by Norse mythology. It had various deities, which had temples and shrines you could erect in your small village. It had a council of elders which you could appoint yourself among a pool of available people. The most important aspect was that it was heavily story-driven and yet at the same time - quite non-linear in how you play it.

Do you plan some kind of that level of interaction with your town/village in the game? Not to mention with the gods and doing rituals and quests that might or might not appease them?

That game was just too good to pass on and you actually had to think in advance to draw your strategy for the next couple of turns. Naturally, it did not have any tactical gamescape because of the heavy focus on story.