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Thread: Index/Glossary/Wiki of Names, Places, and etc...

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    Index/Glossary/Wiki of Names, Places, and etc...

    Haven't made it far into the game... but I'm enjoying it.

    I'm having one trouble so far... I'm getting a bit lost with the names of characters/places/etc. Does anyone have a link to a list of such things that doesn't contain spoilers (at least major spoilers) and whatnot?

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    Because the game has just been released, the wiki's still in an early state: I'm not really into making (even mildly) spoilery lists, but others (you?) might take up the task.

    Also, you can click on the in-game map to learn about places; and you can click some "lore" button on each hero's page to read more about them, I think.

    EDIT: Oh, wow! Someone actually has listed all the playable characters on the wiki already. Looks like places are still in the works.

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