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Thread: Basic quetsions regarding maim and pillage

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    Basic quetsions regarding maim and pillage

    I am playing SP and I have read about "maiming" the enemy how does one do this? Also I will get a big banner saying "Pillage" do I need to do anything to the enemy dead to retrieve weapons etc or is it automatic? Thanks!!

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    Maim - reduce the enemy unit's strength to low values without killing it. Said unit is then only capable of armor breaks (and sometimes path blocking), but still takes it's move, often putting it to a waste.

    Pillage - when either side has last man standing, he gets only one move, then comes the whole other side, then him etc. It was added to counter a situation where one side has last soldier on full arm/str running around and killing the other side's weakened troops turn after turn.

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    Maiming is one of the best strategies to beat the battles vs the AI Maiming typically means leaving enemy units with 1STR. But, the more general definition is decreasing their STR below the minimum ARM of your own units. For example, if all your units have 9ARM (or more), then any enemy of 1-8STR is considered maimed, cuz he can only do 1 damage to you, and that with a mischance 20-90%.

    As the turn-queuing works, the two players (you and the AI) always alternate turns, except when in Pillage mode. So, if you have 2 healthy units and the opponent has 8 "maimed" units, then your two guys are gonna take 4 turns (!) before each of the enemy units can take his next turn. That's called "Turn Advantage". Now, if your 2 guys happen to be healthy (i.e. with near-full STR) while the opponent's 8 guys are "maimed" (i.e. low STR), then you can take your time killing the enemy units one by one, suffering only some ARM-break from them.

    So, try this -- When you are outnumbered (e.g. 6-vs-10), try maiming all enemy units before starting to kill them, and see how it works for you.

    The lesson to learn, to take this one step further, is this: Always bring units in your team that are "useful" even when maimed. By useful, I am mostly referring to the effectiveness of their ability. For example, Warhawks tend to be useless when maimed cuz their ability depends on their STR. On the contrary, units like Siege-Archer or Thrasher or Grudgewielder have abilities that deal constant amounts of damage, independent of their STR! Generalizing even more, all units with high AB (ARM-break) are useful when maimed.
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