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Thread: Death after overseeing a battle?

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    Death after overseeing a battle?

    I had decided to oversee a battle, got the battle report of X dead fighters, X dead varl, which wasn't my entire party, and then I got a Death screen, where I had apparently died. I had maybe 200ish fighters and 700ish varl, lost 30 or so fighters, and 250 or so varl.

    It was directly after winning the fight at the top of the broken down tower, where you find two bodies, one of whom isn't quite dead. My party descends the tower, there are more dredge outside, and it starts up a new 'war'.

    Side question, do I have to chose 'rest' to heal my party, or do they just have to not fight for N days? I've been doing so, but my archer got knocked out once, and the next time I set up camp she didn't need to rest to heal.

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    What do you mean "I got a Death screen, where I had apparently died."? From your casualties, it seems that you lost the fight... The game wouldn't let you continue, i.e. you hit a "Game-Over"? I have never lost that particular fight, but Stoic has said that some battles are "win or Game-Over". Perhaps this is one of those.

    For your side question: You can either rest (in camp or a village/city) or travel, in order to let the days pass and heal-up/recover. The result is the same. Problem with healing while traveling is that you don't know what's ahead, so you might fall into an even harder battle.
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    Is there a set % then, like if you lose 20% of your troops it's a defeat? Because as far as I knew I had won my overseen battle, and then I got a death screen. By death screen I mean, it had some message about how I had died, and couldn't continue, so I had to go back to a previous save. So yes, a "game-over" would also be accurate.

    Thanks for the advice on resting, I really thought you had to actually choose to rest to heal people, not just continue traveling and hope to avoid battle for a few days.

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    I think you can lose in the game if you fail to win 3 battles. And I do think that battle you mention is one of them. Overseeing makes you really lose a battle.

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    You cannot lose by running away from almost every single battle (it is advised to kill Bello and actually finish the game for example), You are simply called coward, lose decent number of warriors and gain no renown - tested it on run number 3 (i think?) while hunting for some achievements and testing speedrun possibilities.

    No idea how losing a battle is treated.

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