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Thread: Wireless Internet Question

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    Question Wireless Internet Question

    Going to throw this out there in case there's a tech savvy gamer that can help me:

    My PC has a wireless router for my parents' laptop to be online. If I got a new PC, I'd like to know if I'd have to reset the wireless router in any way. I know it's an extremely general question, but hopefully someone has some experience with this. I have a Cisco LinkSys E1000, it connects to my modem and power outlet (no connections to my desktop itself) Can't remember if I had to do anything in Windows, or if the connection is automatic. My comp is Win7 64-bit, HP Pavilion.

    Thanks in advance

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    So, there is a router that is connect to a modem, that's it? On most "modern" installations (at least in Greece), those things come combined, i.e. there is just one box that
    (1) is connected to the provider via a fixed-line, the former "telephone plug",
    (2) has Ethernet plugs for wired connections to the modem-router and
    (3) has a WiFi antenna/adapter to provide wireless coverage to a limited area.

    Also, you new PC will connect via WiFi (wireless) or via cable (Ethernet)? If your WiFi network is unsecured (that's setting you normally have to activate in the modem-router), then your new PC should connect automatically (scan for available WiFi networks, identify your own & connect). If your WiFi is secured, you gotta find the WPA key. It's sometimes written on the back of the router itself (check its manual). Wired connections to the router should work automatically too.

    Hope I helped
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    Now that I think of it, I may have had to put in a key to complete the connection on my current comp.

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    Thanks for this info

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