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Thread: Archers should have better range and not be able to fire aftter they move

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    Archers should have better range and not be able to fire aftter they move

    so far archer implementation sems idiotic...since the way the range is calculated is totally counterintuitive

    i know they are strong ...but it's very hard to guess what range they would have after you move them...

    betetr they have bigger betetr range but are unable to fire after they move....

    I'm new to this game so I might be jumping to conclusions..but that's my first impresion about a very bothersome issue at least for me

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    Um, they always have the same range of 5 tiles (7/8/9 tiles for Bowmaster active ability at rank1/2/3 respectively), no matter whether you move your archers or not
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    Also archers get a huge advantage when they don't move because of their puncture ability that lets them do extra damage against enemies with damaged armor.

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    Actually, when you move an archer you can see which enemies you can hit, as those have a pop up of the potential damage, when you cursor on the movement-traget tile.

    And an archer that moved in the same round is not that powerful, unless it uses a lot of willpower, which is limited. Not sure, what your problem is, archers are pretty well balanced at this point.

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    The archer range (5 tiles) is closely related to the movement range of unit. It was made so that archers can not fire from a safe distance in the endgame, destroying melee units. The maximum tile-gap for archer-range is 4 tiles, which means that any unit can catch-up to her in an open field (well, except for Shieldbangers with 0WP or 0EX).

    As for not being able to fire after they move, I think that their passive (Puncture) and their low STR compensates that...
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