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Thread: Map print file?

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    Map print file?

    It's been an exciting ride backing, and working on the animation for Banner Saga. I have developed a deep love for the story, it's characters and of course the artwork. From the first snowy tundra backdrop, to the time I got to see my dredge animation as the lumbering giant fell in battle, till the final shot before the credits rolled I have been hooked. One of the most intriguing and time devouring aspects was the intricately detailed map. I would love the opportunity to download a PDF file of it so that I could print it and hang it in my living room next to my drinking horns and bodhrans.

    Will there be plans to upload more wallpapers/videos/print files to the media section? Would that be a good idea for a Stoic Store perhaps? Just some thoughts from your friendly neighborhood kilted animator.

    Thank you for reading, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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    Hello Lorddirk. Thanks for your contribution to the game

    I'd definitely love to see more wallpapers and other media uploaded. It now occurred to me, that all the sprites and characters would be nice as "line-art only" images that kids (of any age) can color as they like, e.g. here.

    Still waiting on that (digital) art book!

    Oh. A (relatively) high-resolution version of the map can be found here (with only a negligibly small "seams" issue). As far as I can tell, it has been stitched together from the four quarters of the map that can be found in the local client files...
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