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Thread: difficulty setting ?

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    difficulty setting ?

    does this game have a difficulty setting ? thanks

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    Factions is multiplayer-only, so the difficulty is only regulated by your opponents' skills. If you play ranked games, matchmaker tries to select an opponent as close to your ranking as possible, which is supposed to give fair fights.
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    The closest thing to a difficulty-setting in Factions is the selection of the turn-timer, which is separate for the two players. The standard timer is 45 seconds but you can choose to use the "expert" timer of 30sec that gives you a bonus of +2 Renown (the in-game currency) for each battle, win or lose.

    Also, entering a Quick-Match queue might get you against an opponent of higher team-power (e.g. power 4-vs-6), which will lead to a harder fight. This gives you bonus Renown proportional to power-difference. If you are the one fighting against a team of lower power you suffer no penalty.
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