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Thread: 10 hour game ?

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    10 hour game ?

    i'm very slow, is this game painfully short or what ? ; it usually takes me 3 or 4 times longer to play a game; thinking of downloading from gamersgate; is there a demo ? thanks

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    The Banner Saga normally takes 10-12 hours to complete. However, if you take your time thinking-out every move in the battles, it might be even longer... There's a lot of reading & dialogue in there, so be prepared for that also!

    No demo. But, you can check many youtube playthrough videos to get an idea of how it plays (attention to spoilers! ). You can practice your skills in combat against real-human opponents in Factions, the online PvP "little-cousin game" of the Saga.
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    I think there is? Goodluck on that tho

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