This is a conversation that started a little bit in another thread, but I thought it worth opening the discussion in a thread of its own.

In short, what do you think is the best and/or most efficient way to pursue the High Spirits achievement, never allowing your morale to dip low? I've made one earnest attempt, but failed utterly because I couldn't keep enough food in stock (keeping Egil alive means killing/not recruiting Onef, which means missing out on ~150 supply when leaving Frostvellr, and that was a hole I was never able to quite climb out of). I was aiming to both never run out of supply AND keep good morale. Hasn't yet worked, though I haven't restarted to try doing it with Onef & Co.

It was suggested to me that trying to get the Quartermaster achievement (no deaths from starvation) and High Spirits in one run was a bad idea, since morale requires rest and rest uses up supply too quickly. I countered that, while I agree it's harder, it seems impossible to maintain good morale without also maintaining constant supply.

What have people tried? Have you had any success in this, yet? What's the best method to maintaining morale, hopefully without having to rely on getting lucky with certain random events at the right times?