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Thread: Where to report Bugs/Suggestions?

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    Where to report Bugs/Suggestions?

    Hey guys,
    I started playing the MP-Part (Factions) with some friends, now there are some bugs, is there a way to report them? (We are both playing with steam and Win7 64bit)

    For example:
    - Play with friend -> Lobby -> there is a button where you can open the proving grounds. Its not possible to go back, you are just stucked on proving grounds then. No matter how often you klick the button (Its the same for me and my friend...)
    - Steam-Overlay "kills" the game after a while. Cant use it at all ingame.
    - Sometimes the maploading wont complete. You see the "timer", but you wont see any units. After the timer, the game starts normally, but you wont see ANY units. -> You have to close the game (you can chat, but as u dont see any units you cant play....)
    - Sometimes the game switches to Windows-Mode during loading, then nothing happens anymore. You have to kill the process

    Also there is something i really dont like:
    - Play with friend only works with public steam profile. There is no other game i playrd till now where the privacy setting is a problem. Maybe this can be changed

    However, apart from that i really enjoy the game, the bugs are no way major bugs (some you can avoid, the others are random but not very often). So, as i saw there are "maybe" updates coming, ill stay tuned!

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    Hello there. I guess this thread is as good as anywhere Most of the issues you raise have been reported. The devs are aware of them and hopefully will fix them. So many things in their ToDo-list at the moment, and so little time!

    • Friend Lobby(FL)<->Proving Grounds(PG) communication is a problem, yes. However, leaving the PGs and heading back to FL "normally" should put you back where you were.
    • Steam overlay is buggy, yes. Try switching with ALT+TAB for small stuff, like steam-chat/friends.
    • I didn't understand that "maploading" issue you mentioned... Sometimes it might be a server- or network-issue, or it might a problem with your (or the opponent's) client.
    • Switching to window-mode and CtD is a problem, yes.
    • Friend-play with Non-public Steam profile should also be done, yes.
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