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Thread: A detailed banner saga strategy guide and walkthrough

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    A detailed banner saga strategy guide and walkthrough

    Here's a link to a surprisingly detailed strategy guide and walkthrough for The Banner Saga. I was impressed by the number of screenshots in the guide.

    (I apologize if this has been posted already)

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    This is excellent! Thanks for sharing.

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    There is an overwhelming amount of work put into that guide, indeed! Thanks, quartex. It will be useful in the wiki too.
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    Having taken a quick look at the guide, I can't say that it is entirely accurate. For instance, the guide states that during the first camping event, it's better for the Narrator to toast to Vognir, while actually this path does not entail any benefits aside from some additional insight into characters. Drinking on the other hands gives you +5 or +10 Morale, depending on how much you drink and doesn't use any supplies whatsoever, unlike what the guide states.
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