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    Tournament Play Request

    So I finally got motivated enough to join the forums. Primarily because there is a topic I want to talk about. It is about tournament play.

    I have been getting criticized (borderline harassed) when I am not willing to play certain players. When I join a tournament, I will generally play everyone once. The exception is RPGamer (unless I am within a certain ranking which I will mention in a moment). I cannot beat him nor do I have any interest to try. Other players I will play but I only play once or twice in a single tournament. After that, I will avoid them in that tournament.

    Cheating you say? Not so I reply. I do not leave a match if I am even close to the top 3. Typically, I will not run if I am top 10 in a tournament. I think this would be unfair because I would essentially be allowed to improve my tournament ranking without playing the individuals ahead of me. I have never finished in the top 3 of a tournament so I find it hard to believe that my method should be considered cheating.

    Why enter tournaments then if you do not think you can keep up with everyone? Well, I enjoy them I reply. I am allowed to join a tournament if I have the renown to do so. You generally find more quality competition in tournaments. If I play those ahead of me in the rankings, and I ensure I never run from someone when I'm really not even that close to the top 3 finishers, then I do not see the issue.

    So my request is this. Please stop harassing me about it. If you really want to treat all players with respect and dignity, then just leave it be. If you have already beaten me more times than I can remember and I do not want to play you, just move on with your life and find someone else to play. I mean, if you insist on playing me, its likely you are just trying to boost your tournament stats with an easy win. I consider that to be cheating more than anything. If you go out of your way to just play easy opponents and boost your tournament ranking, then its cheating. If you ensure you do not benefit but expose yourself to more competition, its not cheating. So again, please stop harassing me.

    One of the things I like about this game is the community. People say hello to each other and treat each other with respect (for the most part). I have logged about 120 hours on factions and purchased the single player. However, if this harassment continues, I will stop playing and will not buy future single player games. "Well, its just one player anyways. No big deal" you might say. "Well," I would reply, "That might be true. But if the same few people always win and drive away those trying to improve themselves, what you will be left with is a community of 10-20 really good players and that's about it."

    I will likely not be looking at replies to my post. But I do hope you all can treat others respect. It is really the only thing I'm asking.

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    Generally I think it's more an issue of the tournament format itself, and yes, the limited playerbase.

    Stoic will be looking at what it can do to improve, see if they can get to it before Chapter 2 development goes full steam.

    Just an offhand reply, I think whether someone thinks they have a chance or not, if they get matched I think they should play. The thing that shouldn't happen is having to play that person again and again within a few minutes or over the course of the same tournament.

    That's how tournaments are (which is why early brackets have seeded players and the odd upset when one gets ousted). It isn't fair when a seeded player can milk the same opponent over and over again though. Otherwise, it's just as much a chance to improve, learn, and an attempt to surpass expectations.

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    Hello Titan I think we haven't clashed axes yet, but am looking forward too; as with any opponent!

    I think raven summarized the situation well:
    • (1) The main problem is with the tournament format, allowing this "multi-milking".
    • (2) Secondary --but inevitable-- problem is the limited playerbase.
    • (3) ..But, dodging opponents in a ranked/tournament match should be avoided, i.e. "punished". It might be "ethically correct" in some cases (like yours), but it does introduces a destabilization to the "ranking economy system".

    I understand your mindset and your plea. I have been smashed many a times by RPGamer (some 10-15 at least) but I also hold 2-3 victories against him! Every time I meet such a strong player I kinda know I'm gonna lose, so I prefer to see that as a lesson-match more than anything else. I don't care about rankings or titles, but I will play Tourney matches when available because of the higher competition level. So, even a crushing defeat against same-old RPG is better for me than a boring power-7 match against a noob with unstatted units...
    Together we stand, divided we fall.

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    I would actually say you don't deserve your rank if you are hand-picking your matches, that goes for ppl that dodge games and also higher players that try to match with lower ranked players. Unfortunately, because of the low tourney population handpicking matches is easier to do. just keep playing if you know a bad players is on, and they'll keep dodging if they know a better player is on. lol because there is often only 2-3 ppl looking for a tournament, this is what happens

    i do think that tournament play should be reserved for the best players, and if you are trying to improve yourself then go play ranked matches instead. tournament should not be for dodgers. because you get an inflated rating if you are handpicking matches, you essentially don't deserve your rating and shouldn't be indicative of improvement

    but RPGamer shouldnt be harassing ppl either lol I would say he is definitely more in the wrong in this situation xD wait till march, hopefully devs will start taking care of their game again, put in some anti-cheat systems, if you haven't noticed we have a ton of boosters on the leaderboards lol

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