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...You also hinted strongly/semi-promised that this was the plan…I think.

Factions doesn't even need too much love:
- Fresher leaderboards (easy)
- New units from the saga (medium)
- Items (medium)
- New tournament modes. E.g. Random or Draft (medium+)
- End game/Purpose (hard - I could wait for the end of saga for this one).
You are correct that I 'said', not even semi-hinted, that our plan was to refocus on Factions after Chapter 1...and I was telling the truth. Perhaps that's one negative of open communication with the players because plans do change. Really sorry about that. Sorry we need to refocus and sorry I blabbed about our intentions, but I'm doing it again here so maybe I just won't learn the lesson.
Along with your wish-list, of which I think is a good one, I'd add some sort of single player mode.
Thanks a lot for the feedback!