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    About the tag-shields...

    I would like to share a request/suggestion about the game (I love it so much, but won't bother everyone starting a long praise ; take my fanship for granted).

    One thing has been bothering me a lot, since I started playing, and I never adapted to this: the oversized tag-shield with stats above the head of characters.
    They are so huge that block the view completely, and not only are they an immersion breaker, but above all they mask too much of the action. They can hide completely a fighter. Also, in cramped situations, they are easily confused for belonging to the wrong fighter.
    I notice that the lower half of those tag-shields is completely useless, devoid of information, and so their height could be easily halved. And also, if the tag-shield themselves could be somewhat transparent (but not the bumbers upon it), this would be a great practical enhancement.

    My humble opinion Take it for what it's worth...
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    We'll take another look at these and see if we can't improve them. Thanks for the feedback Fr'd!

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    You are very kind

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    I agree that when all Stat-Banners are ON, and the fight is full-melee with 6-vs-8 or something, then it gets *really* difficult to tell which-is-which. I personally rarely play that way (even in Factions where stats are more critical, and there's usually less units around) since the mouse-over on units works pretty neatly!

    I have one suggestion about the battle-UI: When mousing-over a unit (friend or foe), apart from turning its Stat-Banner ON, you could also highlight its portrait in the initiative-queue. For example, in the following picture, assume the mouse is over the indicated Thrasher:

    (minus the green arrow, of course... )
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