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Thread: A couple of niggly forum things

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    A couple of niggly forum things

    I realize that everyone at Stoic is occupied with Factions, which is important, but once you're done, perhaps you can sort these little things out.

    1) The page width is wider than my monitor width (1280px) for no reason, since there's no extra content when I scroll horizontally. This is a property of <html>, not <body>, so it might be a meta tag thing.

    2) The occasionally pink forum headings. I've posted a screenshot in the chat before.

    3) Forums are marked as "new posts" if there are posts you haven't read - even if those posts were there when you went to the forum last time, and just didn't want to read them. All the other forums I know would blank the "new posts" icon if there were no new posts after someone's last visit, regardless of whether or not there are unread threads inside.

    4) The sub-navigation bar for the forums (new posts, private messages, etc) is too wide for the area it has, and is hanging into the margin.

    5) The upvote/downvote buttons seem to appear randomly, and when they do, they have loose white pixels around them.

    6) Clicking on a "Latest posts" thread takes you to the first page of the thread, not the new posts, which is not terribly useful.

    Thanks for hearing me out!

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    Thanks for the info and I'll start looking into these. Can you also let me know what browser(s) and OS you use?
    Sean "Ashen Temper" Dahlberg

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    Windows 7 Professional 32 bit, and whatever the newest version of Firefox is.

    An amendment to 4) The extra options in the bar only appear when posting using the advanced editor, but I think they're supposed to be there all the time. Also the text that says "reply to thread" is right up against the side of the frame without any margin.

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