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Thread: [BUG] The Banner Saga

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    [BUG] The Banner Saga


    Find some interesting situation in The Banner Saga.
    Ludin (The Spearmaster) makes a Impale atack to 16/2 Shieldmaster. SM knocked back 1 title. SM take a turn, move 1 title to Ludin and die bleeding. Ludin takes a 1 Shieldbreak damage. SM death animation and dead SM sprite are 1 title away from Ludin.

    Before and After


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    Interesting finding.

    It seems that the game classifies Bleed damage as made by "phantom" 1STR-damage attacks made by the Spearmaster on the Bleeding unit, after each tile they move. So, there's the "higher rule" of Return the Favor that says: "If a SB is attacked by a unit in an adjacent tile, do 1AB on that unit". I am tempted to think that if the Shieldbanger walked around the Spearmaster, then the latter would take multiple AB damage!
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