Just finished my French-localized play-through. As great as ever

I want to bring up only a minor balancing-issue: The set of three vs-Dredge battles at the start of Chapter 4 (if you choose to stay outside Frostvellr) are quite difficult, especially the last/third one where: (1) Iver can't help, (2) you might have some heroes injured. I played on Normal, and while I beat the first two battles (hard ones, but I made them with no KOs) I actually lost the third one using [Gil, Rook, Alette, Odd]; I didn't take H&M and had no Tryggvi. My four heroes were at rank-3, nicely statted, but it didn't help against the swarm of Slingers and the pair of Grunts/Stoneguards that also spawn in that fight. You might wanna pitch down that difficulty. Calabilla, the item you find by winning all three fights, should be more accessible!

John -- Is the Zeno tool bundled with this beta-localization build functional? I think I provide the correct paths, but it doesn't seem able to "load" the game's content, in order for its other modules to process the data. Also, could you elaborate a bit on what the "Manifests" are, where can they be found, how can they be created etc? I guess it's something like builds (or components of builds), so that if we create a mod it will be "wrapped/packaged" in one of those manifests (to share with other users)?