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    The Banner Saga Localization Beta Test

    Hello everybody, our next patch is almost ready, and we are excited to announce that includes translations for 5 more languages: German, Russian, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Polish. Spanish is coming in a few weeks and is not in this patch build.

    If you would like to participate in testing the translations, please follow the instructions and read the Release Notes below. If you encounter any problems with the patch, or have any feedback and questions, please use this thread to discuss. You may also participate in the Steamworks forum if you prefer:

    Instructions for participating in the Beta:

    • Navigate to your Steam Client LIBRARY
    • Right-click "The Banner Saga"
    • Click "Properties..."
    • Click the "BETAS" tab
    • In the dropdown box labeled "Select the beta...", choose "localization"
    • Close the Properties dialog

    The game should now start to update. When it is complete, you will be able to launch the new build of the game.

    NOTE: Save file locations have changed. The new build will move your save files to a new location. See below for details.

    RELEASE NOTES 2.5.52:


    The game has been localized into 5 additional languages:
    • French
    • German
    • Russian
    • Polish
    • Portuguese (Brazil)

    You can set your game language via Steam using the Properties->LANGUAGE menu. You can also change the language in-game via the options (Escape) menu. If the game language has been changed manually, the game should continue to start in that language until it is changed again manually, or until the Steam Client language changes and the client is restarted. If you select a language other than English, Subtitles should be enabled for you automatically.

    In general, we want to GUIs to update immediately upon language change. Acceptable exceptions are:
    • temporary tutorial tooltips that are already displayed on screen
    • subtitles for video and VO for the duration of the current video or VO
    • chat bubbles that are already displayed on screen
    • The "Battle!", "Forge Ahead!", and "Pillage!" animations

    Please take care looking for words that don't fit, don't appear, are incorrect, or are in English when they should not be.

    Save Profiles:

    There are now 5 Save Profile slots. When you create, resume, or load a game from a Save Profile, all saves for that profile go into a directory specifically for that profile. The folder is

    The Profile menu is displayed when you attempt to Load or Resume a game from the Start Screen. When the player selects 'New Game' it automatically creates the new game in the next Profile, if one is available. If none are available, the Profile menu is displayed. If the player attempts to Load a game while playing, the Profile menu is never displayed.

    The first time a player runs the patched game, her save files are automatically copied into profile 0 (zero). They are copied from the Local Store folder:


    into the Local Store profile folder:


    Bellower Fight

    Made the Bellower fight easier by lowering his max str/arm for the second round in normal and easy mode. Also made his henchmen lower tiers.

    All characters should now be un-wounded before the Bellower fight.

    Incorrect caravan members:

    Hogun and Mogun no longer join the caravan if they die in the fight outside the village where you first meet them. Repro: help the brothers in the fight at their village, lose the battle. The resulting popup says they were killed in the skirmish. They should no longer appear in the player's roster.

    Fasolt no longer joins you in some circumstances after Einartoft. Repro: previously, if the player chooses to help Eyvind destroy the bridge at Einartoft, and the player fails the fight against the varl or surrenders, Fasolt will survive the bridge scenario. Iver appears and talks to Jorundr, who tells them to leave the city. Fasolt would then be in the party. Fasolt should no longer appear in the party in this scenario.

    Battle GUI:

    There are now hover/glow states for the small stars used for allocating willpower to attacks or abilities.

    Miscellaneous Improvements:
    • Spelling fixes
    • Pixel gap removal
    • GUI Loading system
    • Texture size reduction


    • Percent chance to hit is not appearing on the enemy popup when the enemy's armor is greater than the attacker's strength.
    • Subtitles don't automatically enable if the language is set from the Steam Client
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