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    I've always found him a bit useless. I want to know if anyone's found a viable way to use him? I kind of wish Stoic had added a Plus 1 Damage based on the rank of his skill when you use it, rather than a switch turn ability (it makes a bit more sense RP wise, given his name as well), because right now he's kind've useless. I wish he had an ability similar to Eirik's, but only damage based. Plus it would give some incentive to play him defensively, rather than use him as cannon fodder for injuries, or for a suicide mission in Factions, which I currently do.

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    Interesting Post about the WL. Perhaps he will see a change in the future as we've heard many say this...or perhaps we'll introduce a new unit altogether.

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    I like Saga's Krumr Actually, I think he's the best Varl unit, rivaling even Iver. At rank-5 he can be 13ARM/17STR/4WP/1EX/4AB. Giving him a strong item (e.g. +3STR or +3ARM or +3AB) makes him a true all-around super-Varl. His active ability, Forge Ahead (FA), can be used to give a "double-turn" to some key ally units, like:
    • Eyvind -- In case the enemies are lined-up for a long Arc-chain... Two of those can burn down multiple units in 3 turns! (Eyv > Krumr > Eyv)
    • Rook -- Use him first to break (especially if he's got a +AB item) and, after he's Forged Ahead, to do Mark-Prey on the same target, assuming that a couple of archers or a high-STR ally is in-range.
    • Gunnulf -- He should be really beefed up to high-STR. Against thick enemies, allowing him to take a double turn landing a couple of doule/triple Tempests can destroy hoards of enemies.
    • Alette/Nid -- She's got high STR (10) and equipped with a +AB item. You use her to break for up to 8 points [=2ABmax + 3AB(item) + 3WP/EX] and then to take a puncture shot of up to 17 "effective" STR [=10STR + 4(Puncture) + 3WP/EX]!

    The key to all the above "FA-combos" is to make sure that the FA'd unit is free from hard by the two following enemy units: the one that plays right after its first turn and the one that plays right after Krumr.

    Now, the Factions' Warleader ain't so good. First off, landing one of the above combos (e.g. Warhawk/Tempest or Archer/Puncture) is much harder against a human opponent compared to AI, so it rarely pays off. In the end of the day, the main problem is that using his ability means that in one turn your team does no damage. That "lost turn" can make all the difference in a match where your units take an average of ~20 turns and deal an average of 2-5 damage/turn... His stats are also a bit peculiar:
    • ARM / STR: I think this he should have maximums of 13ARM / 15STR, so that he's got max 28 "Hit-Points", just like WH & WM.
    • WP: The 4WP minimum is a little cruel. All other Varl have a 3WP min (WH has got 2WP min!), and this makes a big difference in the current metagame where people are reluctant to spend a lot on WP.
    • EX: The max 3EX is an interesting option for warrior-standoffs. However, the min should be allowed at 0EX, which is in-line with the WL's role of staying in the back and using all his WP on commanding allies.
    • AB: The minimum of 0AB is ridiculous... How can his massive Warhammer deal 0AB ?!? The max of 4AB is just a tease, and not in-line with the Warrior's natural ability: dealing STR damage, not break.

    Don't get me wrong; WL stats allow for some interesting units, but none of them seem to work well atm... =/

    Finally, concerning possible changes to Forge Ahead... Hmmm, there's a lot to say here. I'm gonna outline a couple of ideas:
    1. Range change -- FA range is increased, e.g. 3/6/Inf tiles for ranks 1/2/3.
    2. Ally tat boost (as Fazolt suggested) -- WL boosts FA'd ally's WP (1/2/3WP for each rank)
    3. Drastically change FA -- The WL is giving his present turn to some ally. Timer keeps ticking, so FA'd ally has got less time. This is kinda OP, so we need to balance it; here's how: Ally cannot use active ability nor EX/WP. Also, he/she cannot move if WL moved before commanding him/her.
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    There's no doubt about his stats being good, certainly. It's just that his ability, though potentially, and in theory cool, it ends up not being predictable enough to use safely, or even useful, if the player is thinking several turns ahead.

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    I find Warleader's issue is uncertain role. The other two can deal massive damages, but Warleader is an armor breaker. He can't combo his heavy impact.

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