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    The Banner Saga Patch 2 - Release Notes - 2.6.45

    Major Updates:
    • Translated into 6 Languages: Deutsch, Français, Русский, Português (Brasil), Polski, and Español!
    • Added Save Profile Slots!
    • Balanced and Tuned the Bellower fight!

    • You can set your desired language by right-clicking the game and changing Properties, or from within the game itself via the Options menu. If you change to a non-English language, Subtitles will automatically be enabled.

    Save Slots:
    • There are now 5 Save Profiles that you can use. All of your existing save games will be automatically migrated into 'Profile 1' when you start the game.

    Bellower Fight:
    • The difficulty curve has been tuned. Your party's injuries are now healed before the Bellower fight due to your long stay in Boersgard. Bellower and his minions are not as strong in Normal difficulty.

    • Added and updated many Kickstarter Backer names
    • Deleted the tents on the left side of the forest camp for medium population
    • Changed Dredge Splinter Passive to no longer triggers Bellower's enrage attack
    • Made the Bellower fight easier by lowering his max str/arm for the second round in normal and easy mode. Also made henchmen lower tiers
    • Added confirmation box to delete progress and start new game
    • Added video disable command line option for people experiencing video crashes: '-video_disable'
    • Updated FMOD to 4.44.34
    • Added confirmation dialog to skip introductory Videos
    • Converted both intro videos to 720p 24fps FLV
    • Added sound effect occurs when clicking the Help button in the Heroes menus.
    • Added sfx when dragging and dropping character cards on Heroes & Assemble screens
    • Character portraits in Heroes Details now load as needed instead of all loading when Heroes opens
    • Zeno Content editing tool is now included with the game. See this link for information about how to Mod The Banner Saga:

    Bug Fixes:
    • FIXED: Party Injuries do not heal as days pass in Boersgard
    • FIXED: Shooting Silver Arrow while at 1 Strength causes Game Over
    • FIXED: Level 5 characters do not show equipped items description while in battle
    • FIXED: Occasional issue in Chapter 3 that prevent save files from saving
    • FIXED: Items cannot be purchased from the Market when loading from some save games
    • FIXED: Issue with credits crawl slowing down near the end of the credits
    • FIXED: Character equipped with Eyeless Rift still sees chance to hit percentage
    • FIXED: Pressing Esc while information is up on Heroes screen will exit fullscreen
    • FIXED: Clicking an item in the marketplace after closing the Options menu creates a console error
    • FIXED: Item highlight in marketplace flicks on and off if cursor is directly below the item
    • FIXED: Continue button text is not centered in the button on the Heroes page
    • FIXED: Credits do not exit after reaching the end

    Build Number: 2.6.47

    The build number is displayed in the titlebar of the game window, and at the beginning of your log files.

    Log file location:

    Windows: %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\TheBannerSaga\Local Store\logs\
    • Open Windows Explorer
    • Paste the path into the location bar textbox and hit Enter

    Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/TheBannerSaga/Local Store/logs/
    • Open Finder
    • Hit Command-Shift-G to open the “Go to the folder:” popup dialog
    • Paste the path into the textbox and hit Enter
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