As all you aspiring modders know full well by now, the Zeno editor has become available for public use along with the release of the second patch of TBS1 (v2.6.45+).

I mean to use this thread as a "Knowledge Base" for Zeno, with user-to-user help as well as the invaluable input from John and the rest of the dev-crew. This thread will inevitably go into modding details, that spin off the main topic, but keeping it as targeted on Zeno as possible would be better.

I'll keep this first post nice & clean and try to maintain it as we go. Stoic can edit it anytime, in order to update the key info and/or include any parts they deem should be "stickied" up front.

A quick-start guide on Zeno (and modding) has been composed by John here: "Modding The Banner Saga" (Google Docs), with more info "TBD". I will copy-paste some stuff from that guide here, too, in due time.