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Thread: Future revisions for the new languages

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    Future revisions for the new languages

    Any word on this? Spanish and Portuguese users have already reported that the translations are very very poor. At first I thought otherwise but it became true as I advanced a little - in my case I play with the Spanish version, and it's clearly not translated by Spaniards. If the problem is hiring proffesional translators then the devs can ask in the forums for help, a lot of people would be happy to contribute.

    All in all further revisions are somewhat needed (I read in the patch notes there was one for Spanish texts) which could be done in collaboration with Spanish users. Or it can be done using other methods. Not matter how it's done, it would be very very appreciated if it was done at all.

    Any words from the devs on this? Just to know if there'll be any future intervention on their part or not. Yes, no, maybe? Any answer would do the job, we just need some confirmation to know how to proceed.

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    Hello there, I saw your post on the Steam forums too

    I can't say if Stoic are planning to release extended revisions for the new languages/translations (e.g. with a future patch), but, frankly, I wouldn't bet on it. During the "beta" of this major localization-patch, that lasted about a month, there seemed to have been some back-and-forth communication between Stoic and the translators (a company?). To my knowledge, only a few things were corrected, namely those issues highlighted & reported by early play-testing; that included some phrases/terms/words here and there, nothing extended. Now, I don't know if the general criticism of the translation quality will make Stoic consider going for extended revisions, but that will surely be a time-consuming process. From what I know, Stoic are working full-force on developing part 2, as well as porting part 1 for tablets, consoles & linux.

    That said, there are a couple of players/fans/teams who have undertaken the task of re-translating/revising parts of the game by themselves; can't report on their progress and "stamina", but it seems the surest bet, for the reasons explained above. Another fan had made a complete (!) Hungarian translation, all by himself, and a group of Russians made a thorough fan-translation of the game, even before the official one was delivered...
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    Well, I hope that they may reconsider later and revise the translations, as the current French translation makes me cringe the more I progress in my current playthrough...
    I can't recommend people to play in French unless they really can't read English at all

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