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    Random Build Tournament

    It's been a long while since "Vigrid" , the last community-help tournament (organized by Butters), with a small exception of last summer's "Fight Club" (organized by roder). So, grumpyoldman and me, had the idea of running another small tournament, this summer, using the random-build "Factions Randomizer" applet, designed by Rensei.

    EDIT (March 2018): Check out my own Java-based randomizer too (forum link, download JAR)

    Would you, in the first place, be interested in such a small community-run tournament? If you agree to participate, please stick to your word and don't disappear midway!

    Proposed Rules Outline

    Here is an outline of the proposed rules, that are (of course) still under discussion. It's pretty standard and "open" stuff, so I don't think there will be much debate here.
    • A number of contestants equal to a power-of-2 (e.g. 32, 16, 8, 4 or 2!) is needed, set to fight in knock-out rounds.
    • Each knock-out round is Bo3 (best-of-three), meaning that the first player to win two battles progresses to the next round. We could also have Bo1 or Bo5, or we could leave that to the two contestants!
    • We could have a single bracket (i.e. once a player is eliminated, it's over for him/her) or pair of brackets, for "winners" and "losers". The latter means that the eliminated players have a second chance to win the trophy. This "double elimination" scheme was used in Vigrid; e.g. check here how I was knocked out of the "winners" bracket by raven (strange_carrots) but then had a second chance in the "losers" bracket, against roder(eve), but I lost again!
    • Matched pairs are seeded in random and are arranged by the two opponents in private (e.g. steam chat messages, or forum private-messages, or in the forum chat). It is preferred that at least one of the two opponents can stream the fights.
    • Finally, here's the juice: You cannot use your favorite build for the fights leading to the trophy, but you have to use a randomly generated build! (check below for more details on this)

    Random Builds Generation

    OK, now, here is a fun way we came up for using the Factions Randomizer in this tourney to decide the builds to be used in each knock-out round fights. This might sound a little complicated at first, so I provided some examples wherever possible. I expect a lot of discussion here.
    1. The two opponents provide a list of the units available in their barracks (ranks and classes), e.g. a snapshot of their barracks. The "greatest common divisor" of the two sets of units is extracted, forming the set of units that can make a build for both players. For example, if player #1 has seven units [ WM SM WL RM TH SA BM ] and player #2 has nine units [ WM SM RM TH 2xSA BM BB SS ], then the "greatest common divisor" set is [ WM SM RM TH SA BM ] (e.g. p#1 can't use his WL, and p#2 can't use BB,SS and his second SA).
    2. The randomizer is used to create X random builds, where X is the max number of matches in each knock-out round (e.g. X=3 in Best-of-3).
    3. The power of all X random builds is fixed, and is defined by the two opponents. For example one pair could choose p12, but another pair could choose p8.
    4. Valid random builds are only those containing units from the "greatest common divisor" set. This is to exclude situations where the randomizer produces a unit combination that cannot be formed by one or both of the opponents, e.g. three rank-3 Siege Archers.
    5. The X random builds are announced to the two opponents. They can freely restat their units, but they cannot swap ranks or change the turn-order. Maybe we could allow rank-swapping for up to one unit pair (e.g. [SS(r2) PK(r3)] could be swapped for [SS(r3) PK(r2)]), and rotating of the unit-order by one place to the left/right (e.g. [WH RM BB BM SS SRM] can be rotated to the left as [RM BB BM SS SRM WH]).
    6. Each player can select any of the X random builds for each match, but he cannot use the same build twice. This gives the contestants some time for proving-grounds mind-guessing and metagaming against his opponent. For example, one could save the best of the X builds for the second match, in case he loses the first match where he chose a sub-optimal build.
    7. The random-build generation is done per-{opponent pair}, by somebody trustworthy or while live-streaming. So, in the quarter-final round with a Bo3 format, there are four pairs of combatants, so we'll need to have 12=4*3 random builds drawn.
    8. We could also give one "veto" to each player, i.e. the power to remove certain builds from the set. For example, instead of X builds, the randomizer generates X+2 builds, and each player can have one of the builds removed. For example, if the randomizer produced a build that my opponent is known to profess in (e.g. the [2SA 2TS 2WM] build, and my opponent is stoicmom ), I would certainly use my "veto" on that one.

    Other, simpler ways to use the randomizer are the following:

    A. Mirror/Fixed: One random build is generated, and both players use that build, for all X matches
    B. Mirror/Changing: For each of the X matches, one new random build is generated, and both players use that build
    C. Different/Fixed: Two random build are generated, one for each player; each player uses that build for all X matches
    D. Different/Changing: For each of the X matches, two new random builds are generated, one for each player
    E. Common Pool of N (re-usable) builds: A set of N builds is generated, common for the two players. Each player chooses one build from that set. The same build can be used any number of times. The number N can take any value, e.g. N=1, N=X (as in BoX), N=X+2 etc
    F. Common Pool of N (single-use) builds: A set of N builds is generated, common for the two players. Each player chooses one build from that set. The same build cannot be used twice. The number N must be greater than (or equal to) X, as in BoX.
    G. Different Pool of N (re-usable) builds: Same as "E", but the pool generated for each player is different.
    H. Different Pool of N (single-use) builds: Same as "F", but the pool generated for each player is different.

    To get things started:
    -- What do you think of these rules?
    -- Who's in for this?

    Update: Finalized participants list
    1. Aleonymous
    2. grumpyoldman
    3. stoicmom
    4. Guğmundr
    5. Tirean
    6. Yngvar
    7. Tyrael
    8. visorium

    Update: Aleo's TBSF Randomizer
    Inspired by Rensei's work, I did a similar project of my own on Java, adding some more functionality. Check this post for more details on how it works and get the program

    Final Update: Finals, Champion & Tourney Brackets
    Tournament finals between Tirean and Tyrael took place in 27-Nov-2014, with Tyreal winning by 2-1. All Hail Tyrael! Here's the complete tourney board/brackets, with all the match-ups:

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